Best Buy Selects Widevine as a Preferred Provider for DRM and Adaptive Streaming

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
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Widevine to provide video optimization and DRM for Insignia branded devices sold at Best Buy stores

SEATTLE, WA — Widevine, a provider of digital entertainment solutions, today announced that Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) has chosen Widevine to be a preferred provider of adaptive streaming, virtual DVD controls and digital rights management (DRM) on Insignia connected devices. Widevine’s video optimization and DRM technologies will allow content owners and service providers to deliver content directly to Insignia devices in an over-the-top or TV Everywhere environment. Insignia devices such as televisions, Blu-ray players and media players are sold at Best Buy stores and brands around the world.

“We are excited to include Widevine’s technology in our Insignia products,” said Patrick McGinnis, director of exclusive brands for Best Buy. “We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible solution. The customer experience delivered through Widevine’s video optimization platform will ensure that we not only give our customers a high-quality device, but also a pleasant viewing experience no matter what media they are viewing on their device.”

Insignia devices that include Widevine’s software platform are expected to start shipping in Q3 2010. In addition, CinemaNow, Best Buy’s new digital video service, utilizes Widevine technology to deliver video directly to internet-connectable devices from Insignia and other brands.

“The amount of content being delivered over-the-top directly to connected consumer devices is increasing every day,” said Brian Baker, CEO, Widevine. “Content owners and service providers will want to offer their content on devices that they know will provide their viewers the highest level of video quality. By including our technology on their Insignia devices, Best Buy is giving video providers the assurance that viewers will have an exceptional viewing experience.”

Widevine’s video optimization and DRM technologies are utilized by major Internet content services and large cable, satellite, and telecommunication companies launching TV Everywhere strategies. The company’s software platform optimizes the entertainment experience for live and on-demand content delivered over any network to any device. The solution is natively supported in nearly all types of network-connected consumer electronics including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices, gaming systems and more.