Reycom presents new Connected TV Set-top Box based on Mediaroom

Sunday, September 12th, 2010
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TV plus any content, anywhere, on any device. All based on one platform

IBC 2010 — Microsoft Topaz Lounge — Reycom, a supplier of Entertainment Solutions with offices in Switzerland and Germany, presents at IBC 2010 its next generation set top boxes for IPTV and Cable based on an Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) CPU and Windows® Embedded Standard 7. The Reycom Entertainment Center REC enables cable network operators and telecommunication companies to leverage market opportunities and to extend the variety of entertainment offerings available to their subscribers. With simultaneous access to broadcast or IPTV and Internet, and backed by the flexibility of the Windows 7 based platform the Reycom Entertainment Center REC provides unprecedented functionality and flexibility. REC users can enjoy both perfect live TV in HD with Time-shift and access to a wide range of films and TV shows via Video on Demand, Gaming, Movies, music, photos and videos can be stored and played with the inbuilt hard disk and Blu-ray- or DVD player.

Any Content means the combination of IPTV or digital HD broadcast TV (DVB-C,S,T) plus Internet TV, Video on Demand, Catchup TV, Cloud Gaming, Music, Pictures, Marketplace Apps, Videoconferencing and Internet. It also means support for Full HD (1080p), Flash, Silverlight®, MP3, AAC and much more.

Anywhere means in the living room, in the children’s playground and in the bedroom. It means away from home, in the garden, when travelling, on holiday and at leisure. Any device means that you can enjoy content via the Reycom Entertainment Center, Reycom Entertainment Tablet and mobile devices. The Reycom Entertainment Tablet or your mobile Phone also acts as a remote control.

One platform means Windows Embedded Standard 7 a customizable, extensible platform for content, services and applications, which supports IPTV- and broadcast TV support, Silverlight®, Flash, HTML5, Internet, DLNA, Full HD, most sound systems and much more.

At the Microsoft exhibit in the Topaz Lounge, Reycom is demonstrating two different STB Connected TV solutions, one is based on Microsoft® Mediaroom™, the world’s leading IPTV platform, while the other uses dual DVB-C tuner technologies combined with permanent IP access:

Solution 1: REC based on Microsoft Mediaroom

— Supports Microsoft Mediaroom for Windows Media Center via Windows Embedded Standard 7
— Adds services such as Gaming, Video on Demand (VoD), Video Conferencing, Catchup TV, Marketplace to expand market opportunities
— Target: Telcos deploying TV services based on the Microsoft Mediaroom platform

Solution 2 – REC DVB-C

— Dual DVB-C Tuner
— Adds services such as Gaming, VoD, Catchup TV, Marketplace via IP to expand market opportunities
— Target: Cable operators

Reycom conducts both integration services such as providing a tailor-made marketplace for e-shopping as well as content platform services such as the provision of content, the negotiation of content rights and the operation of content distribution platforms. Reycom develops and manufactures next generation IPTV STB and hybrid Set-top boxes for closed encrypted environments.