Zeebo China Unveils Plans to Bring Digital Interactive Education and Entertainment to Chinese Families

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
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Agreement Signed with China Digital TV to Create Integrated Zeebo Platform; Chinese Developers Creating Culturally-Relevant Content

HANGZHOU, ZHEJIANG, China — Zeebo (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zeebo China”) today described its plans to develop a 3G-connected education and entertainment system specifically for Chinese consumers. The Zeebo system will enable users to wirelessly purchase, download and view high-quality digital interactive educational and entertainment content and applications on their television sets. Users will also be able to connect to the Internet and view China-specific web content. Zeebo China is working closely with Chinese partner companies to tailor Zeebo’s technology to the needs of Chinese consumers, and to develop culturally-relevant content for Chinese families.

“Zeebo’s 3G-connected platform and ‘Learn, Connect, Play’ experience is a perfect match for the current economic and social realities in China,” said John F. Rizzo, president and CEO, Zeebo, Inc. “It provides a convenient and affordable way to access family-appropriate educational, entertainment and China-specific web content, wirelessly from the comfort of home. At the same time, it introduces a new digital distribution mechanism for China’s content providers that leverages the country’s pervasive 3G networks.”

As part of its go-to-market strategy, Zeebo China has signed an agreement with China Digital TV Holding Co., Ltd. (“China Digital TV”) (NYSE: STV), a leading provider of conditional access (CA) systems to China’s rapidly expanding digital television market. Under the agreement the two companies will jointly deliver an integrated digital education, Internet and entertainment platform supporting 3G wireless access by China’s cable television customers. This platform will enable Chinese consumers to connect their Zeebo-equipped televisions and set-top boxes to the Internet, download interactive learning applications and enjoy high-definition media content.

Zeebo China is also working with partner companies in China to distribute a stand-alone version of the Zeebo system tailored to the Chinese market. Users will simply plug the Zeebo into their television set, and the system will automatically connect to 3G networks, enabling consumers to download and access content.

In addition, Zeebo China is working closely with Chinese developers to spur the creation of content and applications designed specifically for the Chinese market and fully localized in Mandarin. Several educational applications for kids are being developed by Beijing-based Nebula Soft exclusively for the Zeebo system in China including Blue Sea School and Fish vs. Pirates. Other planned titles include interactive learning books, English language learning and more.

“Locally developed and culturally relevant content is one of the cornerstones of Zeebo’s philosophy, and we look forward to expanding our ecosystem in China,” said Mike Yuen, senior vice president of global content and services, Zeebo, Inc. “Our team is proud to work closely with local Chinese developers as they create compelling, high-quality applications and bring interactive learning and fun to Chinese children and families.”