FSM Telecom launches pay DTT in Micronesia

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

MyTV Launched in Yap and Chuuk

December 2010 marks an exciting new era for FSM Telecommunications Corporation (FSMTC) as it announces the launch of its newest service in Chuuk and Yap, MyTV. The MyTV service employs Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestial (DVBT), which is a digital wireless system that offers clear picture and sound, as well as convenient new options such as digital radio channels, program scheduling, reminder feature and more. MyTV will be offered as a prepaid service.

The basic channel lineup for MyTV will include CNN, BBC, ESPN, Australia Network, Turner Classic Movies, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV Asia, Knowledge Channel, Channel V, ESPN and the National Geographic Channel. The channel lineup may change and premium channels added as we progress.

Because of this trial roll-out, MyTV is offering 30 days of free airtime for MyTV customers. This first time offer will end December 31st, 2010. To subscribe to MyTV, customers must have good credit standings with FSM Telecom.

A customer applying for the service will receive a set-top box (STB) and an antenna. Each STB comes with a remote control and a personalized smart card. Because this service employs towers that transmit signals to the antenna, subscribers will require a line of sight between the transmission tower and the home antenna. Ask the local customer service representative if your home is within line of sight before applying for the service.