PVR Global Unit Shipments to Surpass 50 Million in 2014

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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Global unit shipments of PVR products set a new record in 2009, and are expected to eclipse that in 2010. Fueled by consumer demand to time-shift television programming, pay-TV service providers are deploying millions of new PVR products each year. In-Stat is forecasting that annual PVR product unit shipments will surpass 50 million by 2014.

“Historically, the PVR product segment has been a growth market, even though most unit shipments were restricted to just a few countries,” says Mike Paxton, Principal Analyst. “However, over the past year PVR products are becoming more common in places such as Latin America and Eastern Europe, a development that bodes well for the near-term growth prospects of the PVR market.”

New research by In-Stat reveals the following:

  • Worldwide revenues in 2010 are projected to increase significantly, rising by over $1.2 billion in comparison to 2009 revenues.
  • A key market driver for PVR products in the near-future will be digital terrestrial television (DDT) set top boxes that integrate PVR capabilities.
  • PVR-enabled satellite set top boxes continue to be the largest PVR product segment, followed by cable set top boxes.
  • In 2009, Motorola was the leading PVR product manufacturer with over 4.9 million PVR product unit shipments.

The research, Strong Demand for PVR Products Continues (#IN1004681ME) examines the market for personal video recorder (PVR) products. It discusses the functionality of today’s PVR products, the specific types of PVR products currently available, and provides information about key PVR manufacturers and leading service providers. It includes:

  • Worldwide PVR unit shipment and revenue forecasts through 2014.
  • Unit shipments to specific geographic regions through 2014.
  • PVR product manufacturer market shares based on 2009 unit shipments.
  • A detailed unit shipment forecast by PVR product type.

For a free sample of the report and more information contact Elaine Potter, epotter@in-stat.com; (480) 483-4441.