Mirics enables DigiBest to extend FlexiTV PCTV product range to USA

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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ATSC shipments added to ISDB-T Full-Seg

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — 2011 International CES — Mirics, developer of FlexiTV™, the world’s first commercial software-based global TV receiver, today announced that its partner DigiBest Technology has begun shipping PCTV solutions based on FlexiTV for the reception of digital terrestrial ATSC broadcasts. ATSC is the standard already deployed in the USA and now expanding to Canada and Mexico.

Taiwanese original device manufacturer (ODM) DigiBest has been supplying FlexiTV-based products to manufacturers of branded goods in Japan and Latin America since early 2010. These USB dongle and minicard format devices supported the ISDB-T Full-Seg (HD) digital terrestrial TV (DTT) services in the regions’ domestic markets. DigiBest is now able to help manufacturers address the United States and broader North American DTT market with Mirics’ innovative solution.

Robert Wang, CEO, DigiBest, commented: “Leveraging Mirics FlexiTV has already proved successful for our products in Japan and Latin America and we are anticipating equal success as we rollout in the US, Canada and Mexico. FlexiTV’s combination of performance and cost makes it a compelling solution.”

Jay Nunez, VP, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Mirics, added: “The past year has seen FlexiTV gain traction worldwide. Our customers are now shipping FlexiTV-enabled solutions in a variety of hardware formats to multiple regions. We are pleased to be working with DigiBest as they bring their products to the US market and beyond.”

Mirics will be demonstrating its technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 from 6-9th January at the Las Vegas Hilton, Lanai Suite HL-334. Meetings can be prearranged by contacting CES@mirics.com.