Mirics and ArcSoft enable free HDTV in Latin America

Monday, November 22nd, 2010
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ArcSoft TotalMedia® 3.5 and Mirics FlexiTV deliver high-definition TV solution for the PC

SAN JOSE, CA, & SAO PAULO — Mirics, developer of FlexiTV™, the world’s first commercial software-based global TV receiver, today announced a solution with ArcSoft, a leading multimedia software provider, that will enable viewers in Latin America to watch broadcast high definition television (HDTV) on their PCs. The combination of FlexiTV with ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 allows PC users to benefit from HD content broadcast free-to-air (FTA) over the region’s rapidly expanding digital terrestrial TV networks.

“Mirics and ArcSoft have worked closely together in field-testing our products to deliver proven interoperability,” commented Sean Bi, ArcSoft’s VP and General Manager. “This will ensure that original device manufacturers (ODMs) and local PC brands operating in Latin America can have complete confidence in the solution, which will extend HD viewership to PCs.”

Chris Cytera, Marketing Director for Mirics, added: “ArcSoft is leading the way with HD content in Latin America due to its excellent support on the PC platform and ISDB-T standard to provide the highest quality viewing experience for HDTV. Consequently, Mirics’ strong partnership with ArcSoft will benefit manufacturers and viewers alike.”

Initial target markets for FlexiTV are Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Other Latin American countries which have adopted the ISDB-T digital terrestrial TV broadcast standard are also supported. The ArcSoft/Mirics solution can further support ISDB-T OneSeg – the standard for mobile DTV broadcasts – in areas or situations where it is not possible to receive the ISDB-T FullSeg HD signal.

The integrated ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 and Mirics FlexiTV solution is available and shipping now.