LG Innotek Adopts DTMB Demodulators from AltoBeam

Sunday, November 21st, 2010
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BEIJING — AltoBeam, a developer of advanced DTV demodulators, today announced that LG Innotek, a leading manufacturer of digital media and consumer electronics, has selected AltoBeam’s flagship ATBM884x DTMB demodulator family, for its new China-bound hybrid TV tuner modules, the TDFR series.

The ATBM884x family is specifically designed for the China TV market. Incorporating unique algorithms that seamlessly incorporate both single-carrier and multi-carrier modes, the ATBM884x family is in full compliance with China’s terrestrial DTV broadcasting standard, the DTMB (GB20600-2006).

“The ATBM884x demonstrated exceptional receiving qualities under multi-path conditions, as well as in Synchronous Frequency Network (SFN) environment in our extensive field tests. These advanced features enable LG Innotek TV tuners to offer superior performance in all real life situations,” said Gil-Sang Park, Vice President of LG Innotek. “In addition, we are truly impressed by AltoBeam’s broad and deep understanding on all fronts of DTV technology.”

“We are excited to have been chosen by LG Innotek, the leading module maker for the global TV industry, as the demodulator supplier for its high performance DTMB tuners,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, CEO of AltoBeam. “This is a major milestone for AltoBeam. Being selected by LG Innotek for its mainstream products is a vote of confidence for our advanced DTV demodulation technology, and a stamp of approval for our ever-improving company and product quality.”

“AltoBeam has proven itself through the ATBM884x demodulators, and through the process of getting the ATBM884x designed into a majority of global TV and tuner makers,” added Qi Deng, VP of International Sales for AltoBeam. “We will be ISO-9001 certified by Q1 2011, another testimony for our customers, that, indeed, AltoBeam is a worthy business partner.”