ITE Announces Availability of RF Integrated DVB-T Receiver

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

TAIPEI — ITE Tech. Inc, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in digital TV solutions, announced the availability of its new state-of-the-art RF integrated receiver IT9130 series family for the most widely adopted DVB-T digital terrestrial TV standard.

IT9130 series family is a high performance and low power SoC which integrates ITE’s 4th generation COFDM demodulator and 3rd generation CMOS RF tuner into a single chip. It has also been fully verified and proven in major DVB-T countries. For the system design, IT9130 series family only requires a single 3.3V power supply and a single 12MHz crystal to complete it. No more external SAW filter, balun, RF switch, load inductor, and LNA are needed to achieve the lowest bill-of-material (BOM) among all other similar solutions. In addition, the low power feature (less than 200mW core power) of the IT9130 series family makes it suitable for various kinds of digital TV applications.

Within the series family, IT9133 is with serial/parallel transport stream interface for general stationary applications, while IT9135 is with USB2.0 connectivity for PCTV applications. Both products are small with footprint of 7×7 mm2 QFN packages. For stationary product applications such as set-top-boxes (STB), digital media players (DMP), and DVD-COMBOs with DVB-T DTT feature, IT9133 can be placed directly on-board with customer-proven 2-layer PCB reference designs.

Furthermore, a complete set of API software package is provided to minimize the effort of programming and integration with 3rd party’s system backend decoder chip. In PCTV applications, a USB dongle reference design based on IT9135 is available with WHQL and USB-IF certified drivers for Windows 7/Vista/XP systems. Besides, a miniature (coin size) USB dongle is made possible with IT9135’s high integration level and low power features.

In summary, IT9030 series family is ready to provide various turn-key solutions to help customers achieve “time-to-market” demand for all DVB-T applications.


IT9130 series family is in mass production stage since Q2, 2010. For more information, please directly contact local ITE sales/distributors near you.