ITE Introduces World's First Mobile DVB-T Demodulator & Multimedia Processor SoC

Monday, June 1st, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan — ITE Tech. Inc. (Taipei: 3014), a leading fabless IC design house specializing in mobile TV solution, announced the launch of AT9058M, the world’s first DVB-T single chip SoC enabling a high quality, ultra low power, and small footprint solution for DVB-T feature phone, PND and pocket TV applications.

The AT9058M resolves the previous bottlenecks of launching DVB-T mobile phone: high power consumption, huge PCB footprint, complex hardware design, high BOM cost and immature software solution. The AT9058M delivers the highest level of integration including DVB-T demodulator, MPEG-2 video/audio decoder, embedded CPU, video processor, scaler and SDRAM within 8×8 mm package size, which reduces total PCB size to one-third of general offer from the market. The AT9058M power consumption is less than 300 mW extending TV viewing time from 2 hours to 5 hours. Moreover, the embedded CPU simplifies heavy software tasks further while most of the software components are implemented inside AT9058M such as standard UI, EPG, channel scan, teletext, subtitle, etc.

Inheriting the field-proven high-speed mobile reception of the preceding DVB-T demodulators, the AT9058M achieves excellent Doppler performance in Europe and Taiwan.

The AT9058M has been designed in different applications such as feature phone, smart phone, MID, PND and pocket TV. Demonstration of the AT9058M mobile TV turnkey solution is available in ITE’s suite (Grand Hyatt Taipei, Room 1037) at Computex Taipei 2009, June 2~5.