T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) Selects Eutelsat to Roll-out MAXtv Pay-TV Across Croatia

Friday, January 14th, 2011
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PARIS — T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) [Reuters: THTC.L, HT.ZA; Bloomberg: THTC LI, HTRA CZ], Croatia’s leading telecom operator, has selected the 16 degrees East satellite neighbourhood operated by Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) to extend reach of its MAXtv pay-TV platform to all homes across Croatia. The two companies have concluded a 10-year contract for three satellite transponders, enabling MAXtv, which launched as an IP platform in September 2006, to consolidate its position in Croatia’s digital television market.

For T-HT, the new satellite service will optimise the footprint of MAXtv to viewers beyond range of its ADSL network, particularly to semi-urban, rural communities and Croatian islands in the Adriatic. In addition, for T-HT’s ADSL subscribers, a new hybrid box will enable users to benefit from interactive services through the DSL network and a broad range of digital and High-Definition television delivered by satellite.

Subscribers can choose from different programme packages including an attractive sports package with exclusive content, and also have access to free-to-air international satellite channels. Using a hybrid box, ADSL customers will also soon have the possibility to access other advanced, interactive and Internet features, including a recording service called Snimalica, Video Library, interactive Internet content (Internet portals, widgets, red buttons etc.) and HDTV channels. Subscription services, including dish installation are provided by all T-HT Centres in Croatia.

Ivica Mudrinic, President of the Management Board of T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT), said: “We are very proud of the fact that MAXtv, as the first interactive pay-TV service in the region, is now available across the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia thanks to our satellite capacity with Eutelsat. Being aware of the limited possibilities for growth in the traditional mobile and fixed telephony market, we at HT focused on the strengthening of our position in the media and entertainment segment by constant development of innovative products and services. This makes MAXtv the first digital television in Croatia and we are also the first in the Deutsche Telekom Group to introduce this hybrid service.

T-HT today has over 270 000 IPTV users, which makes us the leading pay-TV service provider. Bringing MAXtv by satellite to smaller, rural communities and to islands along the Adriatic coast will definitely contribute to even stronger growth of this service in the future and consolidate our position as the national leader in the segment of digital television.”

Andrew Wallace, Eutelsat Chief Commercial Officer, responded: “We are delighted that T-HT, part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, has selected our 16 degrees East platform to extend MAXtv to all Croatian homes. T-HT is maximising the strengths of terrestrial and satellite platforms to ensure that all homes have the opportunity to benefit from a multi-channel broadcast environment and we are proud to be their chosen satellite partner in this media adventure.”