New Interface Standard from ST Enables Seamless Delivery of Full HD Audio and Video Between Smart Mobile Devices and TVs

Friday, February 11th, 2011
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Developed in close cooperation with ST-Ericsson, new proposed ‘Mobility DisplayPort’ standard connects the mobile lifestyle to the living room

GENEVA — STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, in close cooperation with ST-Ericsson, a world leader in wireless platforms and semiconductors, today announced the ‘Mobility DisplayPort’ (MYDP) interface standard. MYDP is 100% compatible with the DisplayPort digital-protocol standard and enables 1080p/60Hz audio and video (A/V) streaming between smart mobile devices and full-high-definition (1080p) TVs and monitors via the standard connector found in the majority of mobile consumer products such as tablets, smart phones and portable gaming consoles. The MYDP standard also offers concurrent A/V streaming and battery charging of the mobile device via the same standard connector.

STMicroelectronics has already submitted the proposal for the new MYDP interface standard to VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) with the aim for it to become the de facto standard for A/V output from all portable electronic devices. MYDP is based on DisplayPort, which is an industry-proven technology and an open and royalty-free VESA digital-display interface standard. DisplayPort is expected to become a major high-definition video interface in the coming years, following the recent declaration of several major consumer electronics manufacturers and computer makers to drop support for the VGA/DVI standard by 2015.

Unlike DisplayPort, however, MYDP is designed specifically for mobile devices and equipment, where space is extremely limited. It demands the use of only one connector for data exchange, audio/video output and connecting to other A/V accessories. MYDP therefore maintains the minimum ‘connection footprint’ of the mobile device, removing the need for additional connectors and thereby reducing bill-of-materials costs to deliver uncompressed high-definition video (up to 1080p/60Hz) and audio (up to 7.1 channels at 192,000 samples per second) for direct connection to either a TV or audio system.

“Introducing cutting-edge technologies, such as MYDP, is an important element of ST’s strategy to continue advancing as a leader in semiconductor solutions for the consumer market,” said Luigi Mantellassi, Vice President, Home Entertainment and Displays Group, STMicroelectronics. “In close cooperation with ST-Ericsson, STMicroelectronics has co-developed an open and royalty-free technology that will let consumers bring the content from their smart mobile devices into their living rooms.”

“MYDP will perfectly meet the constraints of the mobile industry and will enable users to fully benefit from the multimedia performance of ST-Ericsson’s smartphone and tablets platforms using a standard connector,” said Teppo Hemia, Vice President 3G Multimedia Business Unit at ST-Ericsson “The charging capability of MYDP is a major added value for the industry, as consumers will be able to stream high-definition video without compromising the battery lifetime of their mobile handsets.”

STMicroelectronics and ST-Ericsson are planning to introduce a series of highly differentiated products to support deployment of the Mobility DisplayPort standard. The first engineering samples of this series are expected in Q3 2011.

The MYDP platform will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Feb 14-17, 2011, on both the STMicroelectronics stand (7A106) and at ST-Ericsson’s Pavilion (outside hall 7).

MYDP – Technical Information

The MYDP standard is designed to work via any connectors currently used in mobile applications. In addition to the DisplayPort standard functionality, MYDP also brings the capability to charge the mobile handset from the connected TV or monitor. MYDP takes full advantage of the scalability of DisplayPort and maps audio and video streams on to one differential pair (or lane). A sideband channel signal, AUX_HPD, carries the sideband channel signals of the DisplayPort standard, namely the AUX CH differential pair (AUX CH+ and AUX CH-) and HPD over a single pin.

STMicroelectronics and DisplayPort Standards

In addition to proposing the MYDP standard to VESA, STMicroelectronics has been the leading company in the development and deployment of the DisplayPort interface and is committed to driving the evolution of the technology and expanding its use in new applications. STMicroelectronics has also developed the industry’s first ‘bridge’ chipsets for the iDP (Internal DisplayPort) standard to LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) translation for use in next-generation LCD TVs.