Tiscali - Board of Directors approves 9M07 results

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Results growing and in line with the business plan

  • Results in line with the business plan objective: 9M07 at EUR 614.3 ml, +26%YoY
  • Gross Operating Results at EUR 103.5 ml (17% of revenues) +53% YoY
  • Over 4.2 million customers as of 30.09.07, of which over 2.6 million broadband
  • 9M07 net results close to breakeven (EUR -6.7 million), vs a loss of EUR 67.4 million in 9M06
  • Pipex acquisition accelerates customer growth (ca 3.5 million DSL and voice customers as of 30.09.07)

Cagliari — The Board of Directors of Tiscali has approved the results as of 30th September 2007.

United Kingdom: integration of Video Networks and external growth with the acquisition of Pipex

In 9M07 the United Kingdom saw the completion of the integration process of Video Networks International Ltd, acquires in August 2006 and the acquisition of the broadband and voice division of Pipex. Revenues in 9M07 stood at EUR 394.6 million, +24% vs 319.1 million in 9M06. Pipex generated revenues of EUR 18,6 million in the reference period.

Revenues without Pipex in 9M07 stood ar ca EUR 376 million, +18% versus 9M06. DSL revenues stood at EUR 245.8 million (92% of access revenues), of which ca EUR 12 million attributable to Pipex, with a 22% increase vs (EUR 201.8 representing 85% of access revenues).

3M07 revenues stood at EUR 141.4 million, of which EUR 18.6 million from Pipex, + 25% vs 3M06.

Net adds for DSL services were ca 638 thousands since 31st December 2006 allowing Tiscali UK to reach a DSL customer base of over 2 million as of 30th September 2007. Following the IPTV launch in September on a national scale, Tiscali TV customers were ca 36 thousands as of October 31st. Tiscali UK has in fact completed the migration of the IPTV customers acquired from Video Networks – almost entirely on third parties’ networks onto its LLU network, thus improving quality of service and ARPU per customers. In fact, the IPTV customers ARPU stood at GBP 40 and currently Tiscali UK registers 250 new activation per day. LLU sites as of 30th September ca 800 , with 55% coverage.

Total customers as of 30th September 3007, including broadband, voice (CS and CPS) and dial-up and of Pipex customer base, was over 3 million.