DNA awarded VHF-C DTT multiplex in Finland

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The third multiplex enables DNA to offer more TV channels in the terrestrial network

Finland’s Government has today granted DNA Oy a network operating license covering almost the entire country in multiplex VHF C in the terrestrial network. The licence will be valid until 31 December 2016. This new licence is an important addition to the nationwide network licences for the VHF A and VHF B multiplexes granted to DNA in 2009, allowing the company to add a number of new channels to its offering in the terrestrial network.

Construction works required by the multiplex VHF C will begin immediately. DNA’s current terrestrial network will cover 80% of Finland’s population by the end of 2011. The company estimates that multiplex VHF C will reach similar coverage by the end of 2012.

DNA became the first Finnish operator, and one of the first operators in Europe, to start terrestrial HDTV broadcasting under the DVB-T2 standard on 1 January 2011, as required by DNA’s network operating licence. To be able to view T2 broadcasts, customers need a Antenna Ready HD certified set-top box or a TV receiver, as well as a VHF antenna aimed in the direction of a DNA transmitter. Antenna Ready HD certified television receivers have already reached the market, and the first set-top boxes compliant with the DVB-T2 standard will be available during the spring. A list of certified models can be found at www.testatutlaitteet.fi.

DNA’s terrestrial TV network is based on groundbreaking technological features that make the utilisation of transmission capacity highly effective. Thanks to these cutting-edge technological solutions, DNA can offer its network for channel companies at a lower cost than other network operators. The total capacity of DNA’s VHF terrestrial network allows the broadcast of up to 11 high-definition, and some 15 standard-definition channels.

“DNA is the largest cable TV operator in Finland. We also have a strong position in the pay-TV market. A nationwide terrestrial network will cement our position as a leading TV operator. The new licence decisions enable us to offer a very appealing bundle of the most popular pay TV channels via our terrestrial network, and a number of top channels in high-definition on top of that,” says Pekka Väisänen, Vice President of Consumer Business at DNA.