DNA selects UEI for Android TV remote

Monday, June 20th, 2022 
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One of Finland’s Leading Telecom Service Providers, DNA, Selects Universal Electronics for Its Award-Winning Android TV Controller

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC), the global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices, has been selected by Finland-based DNA to debut UEI’s award-winning Android TV remote control, UEI KITA.

Universal Electronics (UEI)-DNA Oyj Android TV set-top box (STB) and remote control

The UEI KITA controller for Android TV has received the prestigious “RedDot” award for its outstanding fit, form and function. The elegant design fits perfectly in users’ hands due to its slim rechargeable battery that makes the product much thinner and easier to hold than ordinary remote controls. In an effort to design sustainable, environmentally friendly products, the UEI KITA remote control can potentially save dozens of disposable batteries throughout its lifetime in typical consumer use scenarios, compared to ordinary remotes with disposable batteries, by fast-charging via a USB-C cable only a few times per year.

The product’s advanced technology includes Bluetooth Smart and Infrared wireless connectivity; high-precision voice control; an innovative backlit keypad; and UEI’s QuickSet Cloud® platform, which is the world’s only automated device discovery technology to control TV and audio receivers without user intervention. And while packed with technology, by using premium materials and soft coatings the UEI KITA attains an excellent look and a velvety tactile feel with every click.

As the largest cable operator and the leading pay-TV provider in cable networks with over 4 million mobile and fixed network subscribers, DNA has a track record of introducing consumer-friendly technology to a wider audience. “Adding the UEI KITA remote control to our product showcase allows DNA to surpass our customers’ expectations in next-generation, environmentally friendly technology, and make their lives less complicated,” says DNA Product Development Director Ville Partanen.

“It’s a natural fit for DNA to be the first provider to introduce UEI’s flagship Android controller to its customer base,” explains Kuldip Johal, UEI’s Vice President of Sales for Video Service Providers. “The UEI KITA’s consumer-centric, advanced technology directly aligns with DNA’s focus on sustainability, as well its relentless effort to launch a user experience that is extremely easy and looks and feels premium.”

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