ViXS delivers video recording and PVR to the PC with the the 'Colossus' Digital Recorder by Hauppauge

Monday, May 30th, 2011
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Colossus, a PCI Express board, offers high quality recording and storage of digital content from cable and satellite TV receivers

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc., a leading provider of smart network multimedia processors that enable a rich video entertainment experience, announced today that Hauppauge Digital Inc., (NASDAQ: HAUP) has selected the ViXS XCode® 3111 for Colossus – a high definition TV video recorder for PCs.

Colossus is a full height internal PCI Express card used for recording high definition video up to 1080i from a digital component input or from a HDMI source such as the Xbox 360 or a digital SLR cameras. Colossus allows users to make high definition video recordings of their highest-score games and even game tutorials, directly from the game console. Users can record game play in HD and then upload the recording to YouTube or other popular game recording websites. Colossus features pass-through support for component video and digital audio, enabling users to monitor game play on an HD TV set while recording. With Colossus connected to a set top box, a user can record a TV shows in high definition to their PCs hard disk, make HD libraries of favourite TV programs and then playback to the PC screen or burn the recording onto a disk in a high definition Blu-ray™ format.

“We are proud to be part of Hauppauge’s PC TV product line up with the introduction of the Colossus product. Once again Hauppauge has developed an innovative product that takes full advantage of media sharing across several media devices using the PC and the networked resource in the home,” said Ms. Sally Daub, President and CEO of VIXS Systems Inc.

“Colossus brings the next level of PC based premium TV recording from cable TV and satellite TV receivers. With Colossus, our customers can create high definition libraries of their favorite TV programs by recording the programs to their PC’s disk. The ViXS XCode® 3111 offered the best quality digital high definition encoding and media processing solution for our applications,” said Mr. Ken Plotkin, President & Chief Executive Officer of Hauppauge.