ViXS delivers Content Mobility by enabling live TV streaming for the iPhone® or iPad®

Monday, May 30th, 2011
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PCTV Systems selects XCode® 4105 for “Broadway”, the latest in its line-up of TV-to-iPhone® solutions

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc., a leading provider of smart network multimedia processors that enable a rich video entertainment experience, announced today that PCTV Systems Sarl., a division of Hauppauge Digital Inc. (NASDAQ: HAUP), has selected the ViXS XCode® 4105 for Broadway – a device that provides consumers choice in where and when they view their digital media content.

Broadway, enabled by a powerful ViXS core video engine, is a standalone device designed to provide wireless live TV to the Apple iPhone® and iPad® by connecting to a live over-the-air DVB-T digital TV signal and transform the signal into the format required for display on an Apple® iPhone® or iPad®. The live TV signal is wirelessly transmitted to the iPhone® or iPad® via a cell phone network or WiFi.

“Products like Broadway that support multiple formats and applications can provide consumers greater choice, flexibility, and video quality than ever before,” said Ms. Sally Daub, President and CEO of VIXS Systems Inc. “We are extremely pleased to be selected by Hauppauge to enable advanced encoding and streaming to portable devices.”

“In order to provide live TV from the home to Internet or Wi-Fi connected iPhones® or iPads®, Broadway requires high performance and high quality H.264 transcoding. The ViXS XCode® 4105 offered the right combination of transcoding, encoding and stream processing to enable Broadway’s advanced features and functionality,” said Mr. Ken Plotkin, President & Chief Executive Officer of Hauppauge, the parent company of PCTV Systems Sarl.