Sigma Designs Demonstrates Suite of Hybrid IP Set Top Box Technologies Including ISDB-T, Satellite and Cable

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
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Multiple First Public Demonstrations at ABTA 2011 in Brazil – Booth C7

SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL — Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM), the world leader in connected media platforms, today demonstrated a full line of hybrid IP set-top box solutions for cable, satellite and the Brazilian International Standard Digital Broadcast – Television (ISDB-T), also called SBTVD. These solutions will help service providers deliver the best combination of broadcast services over cable, satellite or terrestrial with Sigma’s world renowned IP-optimized media processors. This is the first time Sigma Designs will demonstrate a hybrid solution of ISDB-T in Brazil. The demonstrations are taking place at ABTA, the leading TV exhibition at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paolo – Booth C7.

ISDB-T, the government-mandated technical standard for digital TV broadcast, is fast becoming a must-have feature in Brazil. Sigma Designs will demonstrate a complete ISDB-T solution. For cable service providers, Sigma Designs is showing an Android-based DVB-C solution that supports full browser capabilities and full cable broadcast performance. The company will also show its new media processor, the SMP8670, running Skype video. TMCNet recently named this media processor a Cable Spotlight Product of the Year. For satellite providers, Sigma Designs will show a DVB-S set top box running IP video, such as YouTube, as well as satellite channels.

“Customers clearly want OTT content and they want it on the ‘big screen,'” said David Lynch, General Manager of the Media Processor Business for Sigma Designs. “Now, for the first time, we’ve created technology that enables service providers to deliver the highest performing broadcast and IP video and interactive services all from the leader in IPTV — Sigma Designs.”

ABTA 2011

Sigma will demonstrate multiple solutions for the first time in Latin America at ABTA 2011 including:

  • The award-winning CG5110 chipset. The CG5110 is the first chipset in the world to support the new ITU standard,, which delivers up to 1 Gbps over powerline, phone line or coax wiring. The CG5110 is also the only chipset to provide backwards compatibility with HomePNA and HomePlug AV.
  • The award-winning Z-Wave home control technology. With over 500 interoperable products available worldwide, Z-Wave offers the widest ecosystem of home control products — making it easier and more affordable for service providers to quickly deliver a complete home control or energy management solution. Z-Wave is the most popular home control technology and is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for service providers globally.
  • The new Ultra-Thin set-top box set. This extremely well-received and popular new set top box design integrates media processors, powerline home networking and Z-Wave RF-based remote control technology in a new ultra-thin form factor that can plugs directly into the wall outlet behind the flat panel TV — making it invisible to consumers.