Pace launches powerful set-top box range

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
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New Pace devices help operators take first steps in connected home services

SALTAIRE — Pace plc (LSE: PIC), a leading developer of technologies, products and services for global broadband and broadcast markets, today launched a set of powerful new HD set-top boxes that energise the home network, delivering an advanced viewing experience for payTV subscribers. The devices can be used as standalone HD set-top boxes or as IP clients within a home network. This enables operators to supply a single set-top box now, but with the option to incorporate it into a wider home network as they develop their services.

Pace’s new set-top boxes offer full HD and 3D capabilities and are IP ready, so able to receive OTT, On Demand and broadcast content. Whatever an operator’s preferred home networking method, the clients seamlessly integrate into Wi-Fi, Powerline or coaxial networks.

As standalone devices, they provide payTV subscribers with immediate access to a wide variety of high quality content, while also offering operators a flexible platform that serves as a conventional HD set-top box today, or a home networking client tomorrow. This allows operators to deliver new services and move towards a converged home offering without the need to replace their deployed hardware.

Darren Fawcett, chief technical engineer, Pace, commented: “PayTV companies across the globe want to provide entry level set-top boxes at one end, but also cater for the consumer who wants to light up all screens with a great payTV experience. The challenge for operators is how to achieve the right economics and a consistent quality of experience, while ensuring their systems are simple to install and operate.”

“Pace’s stylish new range helps operators to meet this challenge in the appropriate stages, without the need for unsightly and expensive new cable installations. By lowering the costs associated with introducing and developing home networks, Pace is helping to place payTV providers firmly at the centre of the connected home.”

The new set-top boxes are WiFi, Powerline and coaxial network ready, and receive content via IP and traditional broadcast. The devices are available in various designs, according to customer requirements, all with the ability to deliver a converged broadband and broadcast big screen experience. Options include an 802.11n wireless HD IP client, a Powerline home networking HD IP Client and an ethernet/MOCA HD IP Client.

The devices are the latest addition to Pace’s expanding product and service portfolio, which enables operators to evolve digital services at the speed they want, how they want. This portfolio includes a wide range of pioneering set-top boxes and gateways, sophisticated software, highly specialised customer care call centres, and business consulting and product delivery services. These products and services are designed to support telco, cable and satellite operators in different global markets, regardless of their technology needs or market stage.