ANT stakes its claim in multiscreen TV market with launch of ANT Galio Move

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

CAMBRIDGE — ANT plc (LSE AIM: ANTP), a leading provider of software and services for the delivery of digital TV, today asserted its claim in the multiscreen TV market with the launch of ANT Galio Move. Maximising the functionality of today’s set-top boxes (STBs) and TV’s, ANT Galio Move combines extended live TV viewing with market leading, companion device TV services, responding directly to the growing demand by viewers for a ‘TV everywhere’ experience.

Industry analysts have stated that seventy per cent of portable device owners use these whilst watching TV. ANT Galio Move enables TV viewers to make the most of their traditional viewing experience, through simultaneous use of ‘second screen’ TV features on a companion device such as the iPad. ANT Galio Move allows users to take the TV experience beyond the living room by streaming live and recorded content directly from the STB or TV via Wi-Fi to their companion device anywhere in the home.

ANT Galio Move iPadANT Galio Move supports the development of new business opportunities for STB and TV vendors with the prospect of application sales and advertising revenues. For broadcasters and operators it enables the delivery of additional valuable content direct to the companion device, signalled from a live broadcast stream.

By streaming live and recorded programmes directly from the TV device to the companion device, ANT Galio Move opens up a range of new viewing scenarios. Users can use the tablet to watch the same live programme as the main TV in a different room, watch a separate live programme using the second TV device tuner or view recorded content stored on the STB or TV hard drive.

ANT Galio Move immediately identifies what is being viewed on the main TV screen and presents a programme synopsis while listing what is currently showing on the other channels. Navigating the EPG, managing recordings and changing channel all become natural, rapid and intuitive through this touch screen user experience.

“The TV industry continues to evolve as consumers now welcome connected TV services into their homes. The popularity of companion devices such as tablet devices and smartphones just adds to a massive opportunity,” said Simon Woodward, CEO of ANT. “ANT Galio Move fundamentally changes the TV experience by delivering TV functionality direct to the companion device without disrupting the main TV.”

He continued: “ANT has over 15 years of heritage in enabling connected consumer devices to receive compelling TV. Our highly experienced team has succeeded in delivering this exciting new product, which truly meets the growing consumer demand for a step change in control and functionality of the TV experience.”

ANT Galio Move will be showcased for the first time at the IBC show in Amsterdam, 9 -13 September 2011.