Digital TV Labs automates HbbTV consortium test suite with Ligada iSuite

Friday, September 9th, 2011
Digital TV Labs logo

AMSTERDAM — IBC, Stand no. 2.A18 — Digital TV Labs, which provides specialised receiver conformance products and services, has further advanced the world of HbbTV conformance testing by announcing a reduction in test time via automating key functionality within its pioneering Ligada iSuite. The tool will be fully compliant with the official HbbTV Test Suite and already allows receiver manufacturers to bring HbbTV-ready products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

The Ligada iSuite HbbTV Test Tool – a test harness consisting of test suites and server upon which to run them – fully supports the preliminary HbbTV Test Suite, slated for release in October this year. The latest version of Ligada automates many processes via its integrated JavaScript API support, IR blaster control, power cycle control and video screen capture interface. With its intuitive UI and the inclusion of HbbTV test cases linked to the HbbTV test assertions, Ligada significantly increases development productivity.

Keith Potter, CEO, Digital TV Labs, says, “Ligada has been shipping since March to a number of leading CE manufacturers. These latest advances further improve the operation of the test suite providing manufacturers with an even swifter route to market and one that won’t be blighted by unnecessary technical hurdles. Ligada iSuite is the only HbbTV test harness currently shipping with a test suite and we are proud of the engineering expertise behind it.”

Ligada fully supports DVB-T/C/S HbbTV receivers. Digital TV Labs is a very active member of the HbbTV Consortium and is the single highest contributor of test cases, having so far authored nearly half of the official test suite.

Digital TV Labs is also announcing a range of additional key HbbTV test tools and facilities at IBC 2011 including an HbbTV Application Lab. This allows apps to be tested and verified in the company’s test lab with the company also providing development advice. In addition, app developers can hire the company’s HbbTV receiver “zoo” for debugging across multiple receivers in one place, enhancing the speed and accuracy of development.

The company can also offer more structured testing and reporting via its Application Testing Service, helping to evolve the HbbTV consumer experience.

Potter says, “HbbTV is set to be a powerful tool in broadcasters’ armouries but care needs to be taken to ensure that correctly working receivers and apps are deployed to encourage consumer take-up. We are here to help with both those aims, using our engineering and market expertise to both advise and test rigorously.”