Georgia's Silknet Launches Subscription TV Offering with Orca Interactive

Monday, September 12th, 2011
Orca Interactive logo

Orca Interactive (Paris: FTE; NYSE: FTE) is pleased to announce that Georgia-based SilkNet has selected Orca Interactive to supply the RiGHTv middleware platform and COMPASS Content Discovery and Recommendations platform for their subscription TV service.

Silk-TV will offer a combination of Free-To-Air (FTA) digital channels, high quality subscription channels, new release movies using VOD in standard and high definition, and an advanced personal video recorder (PVR).

That is where Orca comes in. To avoid overwhelming subscribers, Silknet will deploy Orca’s unique system for content discovery and recommendations that will personalize and enrich the TV experience.

Orca’s field-proven combination of flexibility, innovation and reliability will allow Silknet’s Silk-TV to offer versatile business models and interactive value added services, such as games, social networking applications, widgets and more.

George Gugunishvili, CEO of Silknet, said: “Cooperation with Orca is very important and positive for us because it is a guarantee of stability and quality, and even more importantly, a vast area of future development and innovation. We look forward to our work with Orca and truly believe this partnership will positively influence our increasing number of customers.”