Airties Receives New IPTV Set Top Box Order From TTNET in Turkey

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
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Success of TIVIBU Home Service prompts order for 33,000 new IP STBs and Gateways

ISTANBUL — AirTies, the innovative wireless home networking vendor, has received a new order for 20,000 Air 7120 set-top boxes and 13,000 WAV-275 modems from Turkish operator TTNET, which is a subsidiary of Turkish Telecom. The latest order follows the successful launch of TTNET’s ‘Tivibu Home’ service in the last quarter of 2010 offering personalised IPTV services to the company’s 6 million ADSL customers in 81 Turkish cities.

When TTNET first introduced its Tivibu Home IPTV application, Turkish viewers’ television habits were changed forever. TTNET began its Tivibu Home service with AirTies set-top boxes and modems during its initial tests, and the company has again chosen AirTies products to extend its services to its new subscribers. As part of this ongoing cooperation, AirTies will produce 33,000 more devices for TTNET, including 20,000 Air 7120 HD set-top boxes and 13,000 WAV-275 wireless ADSL2+ modems featuring a VoIP port.

The Air 7120 supplies multi-channel sound, high image quality, a large memory, extensive storage space to support its interactive TV features, on-demand-video and a number of internet and worldwide web applications. The product’s standard flash memory lets viewers both pause and rewind live broadcasts. In addition to all of the features required for IPTV, the WAV-275’s VoIP support provides phone calls over the internet as well as presenting a high speed platform for both audio and data communication. The Air 7120 and the WAV-275 can be simply connected with a cable or connected wirelessly using the award winning Air 4420 wireless access point. The Air 4420 has all of the wireless video distribution technology required to share high resolution video, image and sound files wirelessly throughout the home, completely problem-free.

AirTies CEO Bulent Òªelebi made it clear how happy they were to be offering a new generation of products and services to Turkey’s internet users in partnership with TTNET, “In our long history of cooperation with TTNET, we have been able to help millions of users to access the internet. Now, with our new IPTV receivers, we will continue to be a guest in the homes of TTNET users. We are very glad not only to have been chosen, once again, by TTNET for their Tivibu Home service, but also to be part of a process that is revolutionising millions of viewers’ TV habits.”

TTNET’s Individual Sales Director Mr Cemal Åžimşirliler talked further about this cooperation, saying, “We are glad to be working with a brand such as AirTies that has proven itself in terms of both technology and quality. In supplying this new service, we have increased our customer satisfaction thanks to our use of AirTies products. As a result, we have been able to offer this new TV service to our customers in the best possible way. As this service continues to expand, we hope that our cooperation with AirTies will also expand in line with this growth,” said Mr Åžimşirliler.