Canada's Eastlink moves to MPEG-4 HD with Motorola

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
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EastLink Continues to Solidify Video Leadership with Deployment of Motorola MPEG-4 HD Services

HORSHAM, Pa. — In a move that will increase and improve the high-definition (HD) and 3D services offered by Canada’s largest privately owned telecommunications company, Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) announced today that EastLink will incorporate its video compression technology in all of its broadcast and on-demand HD services. By achieving this milestone, EastLink becomes one of the first MSO-based video entertainment service providers in North America to shift to the next generation of video delivery technologies that continue to support the highest quality broadcast and OnDemand HD and 3D services to their customers.

The benefit to EastLink is the savings in video delivery bandwidth that Motorola’s MPEG-4 solutions provide. These bandwidth savings provide EastLink with increased flexibility and greater potential to deliver new service offerings without having to modify or expand existing network infrastructure.

“Our customers have very high expectations when it comes to video quality, choice in programming and OnDemand video services,” said Deborah Shaffner, President and COO EastLink. “With the adoption of MPEG4 technology, we are capable of delivering the highest quality video our customers have come to expect while continuing to lead the industry in HD, 3D, and OnDemand content availability.”

“EastLink has a strong history of leading cable operators in the adoption and integration of advanced technologies into their network. Following successful trials in test markets across Canada, EastLink is now in a position to deploy Motorola’s MPEG4 for all OnDemand, HD and 3D services,” said Joe Cozzolino, senior vice president and general manager, Network Infrastructure, Motorola Mobility. “By using Motorola’s MPEG-4 technology to deliver industry-leading video picture quality, EastLink can also enjoy significant bandwidth efficiencies.”

“EastLink’s migration to MPEG-4 technology provides the company with increased network capacity so that they can continue to develop new, meaningful products and services for its customers,” added Deborah Shaffner, President and COO EastLink. “Our customers will also enjoy significantly increased HD and 3D DVR content storage due to the very-high quality Motorola MPEG-4 video delivery solutions can provide.”

EastLink has also deployed two of Motorola’s advanced HD set-tops, the DCX3400-M and DCX700-M. These set-tops enable the migration of HD broadcast and on-demand services to MPEG-4. Additionally, through integrating the Motorola CAP1000, EastLink can now benefit from more advanced capabilities like ad insertion, achieving greater bandwidth efficiencies and support simultaneous channel substitutions.

EastLink is also using Motorola SE6601, an advanced encoder to offer MPEG-4 encoding, which provides industry-leading picture quality based on perceptual video processing (PVP). PVP links the physiology of the human eye and how it captures images to the development of advanced video delivery technologies which results in very rich consumer viewing experience without sacrificing picture quality.

For more information on Motorola’s MPEG-4 video solutions for cable operators, visit: SCTE Booth #1268 (Georgia World Congress, Atlanta).