ViXS® and iPanel® collaborate on multi-screen streaming platform for China

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
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ViXS XCode® 4210 and iPanel’s Leading Digital TV Software Platform provide a new dimension to consumer TV experience in China – the world’s fastest growing Digital TV market

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc. and iPanel have teamed up to provide the first Multi-screen, know as n-Screen, multimedia platform for commercial deployment in China.

iPanel focuses on the value-added business for digital TV, IPTV, and the internet TV industry and is the largest and most competitive software platform for service providers in China. With over 70% of the digital TV middleware market share and over 84 million DVB subscribers in China as well as 30% of the IPTV middleware global market share, iPanel is the clear leader in innovative software solutions for this market.

“As a leader in network media processing ViXS is pleased to provide platforms to support the best software solutions”, said Sally Daub, ViXS president and CEO. “iPanel is taking full advantage of the powerful functionality of the ViXS XCode 4210 to build products adding new streaming and connected home technologies to an already impressive list of applications”.

“iPanel and ViXS are working together to provide the next generation media experience to our customer base”, said Jiahong Xu, iPanel president and CEO. “The ViXS XCode 4210 network media processor SoC was a logical choice to port the latest iPanel 3.0 middleware and to expand the capabilities of the platform to address the needs and requirement of consumers to manage, stream and display content on multiple media devices in their homes”.

With over 3,500 DMIPS available for hosting and network processing the iPanel 3.0 middleware the XCode 4210 is the ideal hardware digital TV platform to deliver multiple HD steams to multiple devices in the home. In addition, the XCode 4210 offers HD video encoding, dual HD decoding for picture in picture and dual HD transcoding up to 1080p60/50 resolution. With an advanced full HD OpenGL-ES2.0 3D graphic processor, dedicated networking processor and a wide range of protocols supported including PCIe, USB, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and DDR3, the XCode 4210 offers an extensive suite of media processing capabilities for today’s demanding media requirements.