Ocean Blue To Unveil New User Interface at IP&TV World Forum

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Ocean Blue logo

Ocean Blue Software, a world leader in award-winning Digital TV software will launch their advanced graphical User Interface ‘Spinnaker’ at the IP&TV World Forum next month

BRISTOL, United Kingdom — The new Ocean Blue UI will add a fresh dimension to the user experience; graphically based with stylish animations, Spinnaker will provide a unique, rich user experience, with advanced design and features that move away from the standard UI offering.

Spinnaker has been developed using QML and will enable customers to efficiently re-skin the UI using the same layout but with their own corporate identity, or build their own UI from scratch. Either of these options can be achieved successfully using Qt tools. QML is a well documented, well maintained technology that is already used on many devices. It means that the amount of time and effort required for creating a new User Interface is significantly reduced.

Ocean Blue’s director Phil Evans has said that, “We believe our new User Interface is a key factor in Ocean Blue’s product innovation’s, which is why we have invested our resources into ensuring our UI framework will offer a market leading user experience for our customers.”

As part of Ocean Blue’s major DVB development to abstract the UI and add multi-process capability, Spinnaker will combine both Broadcast and IP functionality aimed at ensuring a single user environment, irrespective of the origin of the content. This will give the user seamless control over all content and functions.

Ocean Blue will be launching Spinnaker at IP&TV World Forum (stand 105) in London from 20th-22nd March next month. If you would like to have a demonstration of the new UI or schedule a meeting with one of our directors, please email: amy.lowe@oceanbluesoftware.com