Freeview NZ surges as digital switch over looms

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Freeview NZ logo

Freeview NZ sales hit record highs in 2011, with a total of more than 80,000 Freeview enabled devices sold in December alone.

The latest figures show the number of MyFreeview digital television recorders grew by 180% in 2011 compared to the previous year and sales of other Freeview receivers grew by 75% over the same period.

Sales of Freeview enabled televisions, with a built in Freeview digital receiver also increased significantly in 2011, up 48% from 307,789 in 2010 to 455,296 in 2011.

Freeview General Manager Sam Irvine says the results show New Zealanders have a strong attachment to free television.

“A third of all Kiwi homes are now Freeview homes. That’s well over half a million households and the number continues to grow.”

Mr Irvine says free television remains preferred viewing in the vast majority of New Zealand households, with 75% of all audiences watching free content between 6:30pm and 10:30pm every night.

“Free television has the content that matters to New Zealanders. With the first two regions going digital only in September, people are getting the message that Freeview is the only way that they can keep watching their favourite programmes for free after the digital switch over,” he says.