Stream TV Networks™ Announces Partnerships with Konka and BOE for 3D TV in China

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
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The 2012 Olympic Games will be viewable in 3D without glasses at Ultra-D™ international consumer viewing locations

PHILADELPHIA — Stream TV Networks, Inc.™, after announcing their initial manufacturing partnership with Pegatron, today announced that it has solidified partnerships with Konka® (0016.SZ; 2016.SZ) and BOE® (000725.SZ; 200725.SZ) to distribute Ultra-D™ 3D without glasses TVs and the bundled SeeCube™ Conversion Boxes in China. These new partnerships follow closely behind Stream TV’s recent announcement that named Pegatron® Corporation as a manufacturer of the Ultra-D devices.

Stream TV’s relationships with Konka and BOE Technology Group are indicative of the company’s global growth strategy, which prioritize China given its status as the largest consumer market for 3D media. Both Konka and BOE rank among the top 10 technology companies in China, where Konka is considered a tier one consumer electronics brand and BOE is a leader in the display industry. Together, they will give Ultra-D massive presence in retail across China.

“Their retail firepower will enable Ultra-D television sets to reach most parts of mainland China,” says Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks. “More than 38% of the TVs sold in China this year have been 3DTVs, and the introduction of a world-class autostereoscopic technology like Ultra-D is expected to further that trend.”

Over the next few months, several high profile events including the 2012 Olympic Games will be broadcast in with glasses 3D, which can be autoconverted into 3D without glasses real-time using the Ultra-D technology. Stream TV Networks will be placing prototypes at high traffic venues in metropolitan areas so consumers can view these 3D events using Ultra-D. In the US, the first venue to showcase Ultra-D will be Blondies Sports® in New York City located at 212 West 79th St. Ultra-D will be available at Blondies by July 2012. Additional consumer viewing locations for Ultra-D technology will be announced in the coming weeks and will include additional venues in New York, Philadelphia, London and various locations throughout China.

The Ultra-D technology is the only 3D without glasses technology that has eliminated viewing angles. The SeeCube Conversion Box seamlessly autoconverts 2D and 3D stereoscopic (with glasses) into autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D format in real-time. Ultra-D supports nearly every kind of video feed including cable, Blu-ray™, DVD, XBOX®, PS3®, PC games, stereoscopic 3D TV channels and online video. Most recently the technology has also been optimized for the iOS®, Macs and the Android® operating system for enhanced connectivity to peripheral devices.

“We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback that Ultra-D is the only 3D without glasses developed to date that is ready for the consumer market,” adds Rajan. “We’re glad to be launching with such reputable partners and will be announcing more partnerships in the months to come so it certainly is a very exciting time for the company.”