DTG Testing and Mirifice introduce automated MHEG testing

Thursday, July 5th, 2012
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DTG Testing and Mirifice have developed an automation system for MHEG based on Mirifice’s MiriATE® product. The system automates approximately 80% of the core MHEG tests.

DTG Testing has also released an MHEG automation test suite for manufacturers to purchase for pre-compliance testing, prior to submission to DTG Testing for final testing.

DTG Testing introduced Mirifice’s MiriATE automation system into its testing processes in 2009 in order to align with the requirements of UKAS ISO /IEC 17025. The system is able to automatically interpret a receiver’s video and audio output, while controlling the device inputs and environment and is capable of testing up to 96 receivers in parallel 24 hours a day. Benefits for manufacturers include a shorter time to market, improved quality and reliability of testing and improved testing efficiency.

DTG Testing plans to introduce automation throughout its range of manual test suites in the near future.

To purchase the MHEG automation test suite please visit Buy a Test Suite. To book an automated MHEG test for your product please email customerservices@dtg.org.uk