TP Vision to be launch partner for DTG DVB-I Test Suite

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 
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TP Vision announced as launch partner for new DTG DVB-I Test Suite

DTG Testing is delighted to announce a signed agreement making TP Vision the official launch partner for the DTG DVB-I Test Suite.

The announcement formalises a collaborative relationship which has seen the two organisations work closely to validate the comprehensive reference metadata covering all endpoints of the DVB-I specification. It is the first and only resource of its type in the world.

Now, with full access to the test suite, TP Vision has taken an early adopter stance, driving innovation in our sector and future-proofing its product base for the next big shift in TV.

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite, recently demoed at IBC, provides comprehensive, reliable reference metadata and media streams and a suite of test cases to validate all aspects of the DVB-I Specification.

The metadata allows CE manufacturers and developers to create and deploy DVB-I clients with confidence, while the test portal allows testing and fault rectification to be carried out efficiently. It provides an essential component for creating a worldwide connected ecosystem for DVB-I.

The test suite can be licenced for use in-house via end-user licencing agreements, or full testing can be carried out by DTG Testing to an agreed test plan.

Commenting on the partnership DTG Testing Associate Director Ranjeet Kaur said: “It’s fantastic news that TP Vision is securing its position as a market leader with this agreement. It’s a clear signal that it is a company that is not only preparing for an IP future, but driving us towards it.

“The next big shift in TV is already happening and requires a multi-modal approach to innovation in order to keep pace with the dynamic evolution of the sector and the viewer experience. DTG Testing remains at the very centre of digital TV and, together with partners like TP Vision, we are defining the pathway to the future of television.”

“At TP Vision we believe that both broadcast and broadband play important, complementary roles in content distribution,” shared Elie Bonte, Innovation Lead at TP Vision. “The DVB-I standard enables the television ecosystem to get the best out of both, benefiting service providers, manufacturers and our customers.

“TP Vision is pleased to work with DTG Testing, to help accelerate the deployment of DVB-I. Interoperability is essential, and using the DTG DVB-I Test Suite, we can verify the compliance of our products with the DVB-I standard.”

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