Auvitek's AU8522 Demodulator Selected by Dasan for Deployment in Korea Telecom Megapass TV STB

Friday, January 4th, 2008

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Auvitek, a leader in ATSC receiver/channel decoder ICs, and Dasan, Korea’s leading supplier of broadband access equipment, announced today that Korea Telecom’s Megapass FTTH service is being widely deployed utilizing Dasan’s IPTV set-top box incorporating Auvitek’s AU8522 ATSC/NTSC/QAM demodulator.

The IPTV market in Korea is exploding and is expected to reach 6M subscribers by 2010. Korea Telecom’s market leading broadband service known as Megapass TV provides broadband services at data rates of up to 50Mb/s. Megapass TV uses FTTH as the WAN connection and enables a multitude of services including real time broadcast of HDTV programming, video-on-demand and a host of interactive services. One of the key differentiators is the “Broadcast Quality” of HD programming, which enables live viewing of HD channels off-the-air without affecting the bandwidth utilization on the network. This not only preserves full bandwidth for commercial services, but also provides consumers with broadcast quality HDTV programming.

The main criteria in the selection of the ATSC receiver are consistent performance across diverse conditions and locations as well as overall system power and cost. “With Auvitek’s high-performance AU8522, we are able to provide a crystal clear, error free, broadcast quality HD programming to the consumer; and it is done without any impact on the network bandwidth,” said DASAN Marketing Director James Park.

“We are honored to be selected by Korea Telecom and Dasan for deployment in the Megapass service,” said Auvitek President and CEO Pete Birch. “As availability of HDTV content continues to expand, the burden on the ‘pipe,’ be it DSL or cable or satellite, will continue to grow. A high-quality off-air receiver solution, such as being utilized by Dasan, will alleviate the burden and open up bandwidth for many new, exciting services.”

The Auvitek AU85xx family of ATSC demodulator solutions is shipping today in a wide range of end products for both the consumer electronic and personal computer markets, including IP-STBs, digital TVs, PCI cards, and USB TV sticks.

Korea Telecom’s New Megapass TV Advanced Video Services

Megapass is the flagship high-speed broadband service of KT Corporation, currently providing broadband rates up to 50 mbps, the highest speed among all broadband services in Korea. For their new Megapass TV offering, KT intends to use fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), a fiber-optics deployment that is carried all the way to the customer’s home. FTTH is a more upgraded version than the existing copper-line-based ADSL service, ensuring a safer connection and serving as a bridge to the next generation telecom broadcasting convergence services, such as internet protocol television (IPTV).

The new Megapass TV will feature a multitude of services, including live television, pay per view, high definition content, video-on-demand, and a host of interactive services. Video-on-demand is expected to be one of the most compelling aspects of the service and will offer more than 2,500 titles for consumer selection. KT started shipping the box with the Megapass TV service from the third quarter of this year.

About Dasan’s STB

Dasan’s EPON solution with the associated IPTV set-top box provides premium grade triple play services to Korea’s fast growing IPTV subscriber base. Powered by Auvitek’s AU8522, Dasan’s STB enables a broadcast quality error free HD programming in addition to other services such as broadband connection and personal video recording. Dasan’s new solution utilizes a passive optical network, which delivers Gbs/sec bandwidth to the consumer using high bandwidth optical fiber instead of copper wires. This bandwidth enables the low cost delivery of bandwidth intensive applications such as VOD with greater data access and VOIP telephone services.