Mirifice to launch MiriMON Cloud with Amino at IBC

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
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Amino @IBC 2012: Head for “the Cloud” for improved quality of experience

As the Digital TV market matures, operators are looking to better understand end to end Service Delivery, and to better understand their customer’s behaviour. IPTV operators want to understand service quality throughout the delivery chain, whilst Over The Top service providers need to be sure that their content is being delivered to a consistent high level of quality over a transport which is outside of their control.

To help satisfy these needs, Amino (AIM: AMO) has worked in partnership with Mirifice for a number of years to bring their extremely powerful and flexible QoE monitoring capability to Amino’s core STB platforms, including the Aminet range. At this year’s IBC, Mirifice will be launching their new MiriMON Cloud service. Initially this is available only to customers with Amino STBs. MiriMON Cloud brings the full power of MiriMON to operators, without requiring additional on-site hardware or expertise, and in a new commercial package which makes the solution highly attractive to smaller operators – even those with a few hundred STBs. MiriMON Cloud has a very simple “fee per STB per month” model, with no extended commitment, making it very easy for customers to try it out. It is even free for the first 30 days, representing a no-risk investment to such operators.

MiriMON Cloud offers operators real-time insight of end to end service delivery to all of their customers in real-time, helping them to identify and fix issues without needing the customer to complain as the “call to action”. It provides information-rich dashboards and historical reports for measurement of content consumption and quality.

Existing MiriMON customers have already been able to:

  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Reduce STB swaps and “No Fault Found” returns
  • Renegotiate Content Rights packages on the basis of understanding their customers’ content consumption behaviour

MiriMON Cloud’s first customer has already been deployed. The service will be available to all new customers from 1st November 2012, accessed via a simple web portal sign-up process. However, we welcome pre-registration expressions of interest, a link will soon be on our website at www.mirifice.com . Customers will obviously need MiriMON-enabled STB firmware, MiriMON Cloud uses the same MiriMON agent which has been pre-integrated with Amino firmware for several years.

MiriMON Cloud (and the original MiriMON, which is still compelling for larger customers) will be demonstrable at IBC – please contact Mirifice Sales Director Steve Parry, or come to the Amino stand.