NEOTION providing STOFA with Advanced VOD CAM solution

Friday, September 7th, 2012

First Advanced VOD CAM deployment in the world

AUBAGNE — At IBC 2011, STOFA – the Danish Pay TV operator – and NEOTION teamed-up for the development of an ambitious and innovative solution for the reception of Broadcasted linear Premium HD TV programs and on demand services (such like VOD, access to Catch up TV contents and interactive services) without neither set-top-boxes nor Smart Cards: the project of an Advanced CI PLUS VOD CAM was launched as an important key device of the strategy of making it easy to be a STOFA’s subscriber.

The advanced VOD CAMs developed by NEOTION through a close cooperation with STOFA have been specifically tailored for STOFA’s range of PAY TV services, and embeds an interactive application providing to their subscribers an access to a range of the same services and applications as with hybrid set top boxes.

Directly plugged into CI PLUS legacy or new TV set generations certified by STOFA, the NEOTION Advanced VOD CAM provides through a built-in Ethernet port a connection to the Internet and allows the subscribers to enjoy value added contents such as VOD and catch up TV, along with the linear TV services proposed by STOFA without any set top box. In addition the CAM runs without any smartcards while securing the broadcasted contents with the same level of security as smart card based solutions.

The advanced VOD CAM started to be delivered by NEOTION to STOFA from this summer.

Thomas HELBO, CTO at STOFA, emphasizes “We strive to offer our customers services in line with their needs and to make it easy and pleasant to adapt our interactive products”

Hervé BOTREL, VP Product at NEOTION, pointed out: “With the new VOD CAM, NEOTION demonstrates that its innovation policy drives to the development of Products pushing away the limits of the CAM for the entire profit of the PAY TV operators. The successful launch of that innovative product proves the know-how of NEOTION teams at managing complex projects. I would like also to warmly thank the team of STOFA for their great and decisive involvement to the success of that very attractive project.”