ALi Partners with MNITI to Propose Reference DVB-T2 STB for Russia

Monday, October 22nd, 2012
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TAIPEI, Taiwan — ALi Corporation (TPE:3041), a leading Set-Top Box (STB) solution provider, today announced that ALi and MNITI have agreed to join forces on introducing a reference set-top-box solution to assist Russian STB manufacturers in the deployment of digital terrestrial television adopting the DVB-T2 standard. MNITI, Moscow Scientific-Research Television Institute, is the leading organization in Russia in the field of television equipment and currently heads the development and organization on the production of receivers for digital television.

Digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmissions in DVB-T launched in Russia in 2009 with DVB-T2 roll-out being planned after completion of analogue switch-off. However, Russian authorities later decided to continue digitization in DVB-T2 format, upgrading networks in regions where DVB-T was already deployed or was being tested. By the end of March 2013, DVB-T2 is expected to launch in 39 of Russia’s federal areas. Still, the success of the DVB-T2 platform is contingent on two factors, area of network coverage and availability of set-top boxes.

Dr. Konstantin Bystrushkin, Deputy Director of JSC MNITI, stated, “Since 1998, the Institute has been actively participating in the preparation for digital television transition in Russia. At present, MNITI is in cooperation with domestic enterprises to develop digital set-top boxes for the deployment of DVB-T2. ALi is a world leader in set-top-box solutions providing high level of integration, design flexibility, and cost/performance value. With the collaborated reference solution from ALi and MNITI, local STB manufacturers can speed up the supply of DVB-T2 enabled set-top boxes to meet the demand from Russian viewers.”

“Some 12 million urban and 5 million rural households in Russia were able to receive DVB-T2 based digital terrestrial TV at the beginning of 2012 with growth being strong in urban centers, according to a study by J’Son & Partners Consulting. By virtue of our core expertise in STB technology, ALi has been well positioned in the DTT market with a significant global market share. ALi’s DVB-T2 solutions have been successfully deployed worldwide and are now customized and proposed to Russia. We are very pleased to ally with MNITI in assisting with the promotion of DVB-T2 in Russia, enabling Russian consumers to receive enhanced services over the digital terrestrial networks,” said Tony Chang, General Manager of ALi’s International Business Unit.