MRG Ranks Global IPTV Market Leaders

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
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Alcatel-Lucent, Google-Motorola, Harmonic, Microsoft and Verimatrix: More Than 65 Vendors Profiled

SAN JOSE, CA — Multimedia Research Group, Inc. (MRG), the market leader in the Video and Media ecosystem for more than 20 years, is excited to release its highly comprehensive annual study IPTV Market Leader Report by Product and Region — Fall 2012.

MRG’s IPTV Market Leader Reports (MLR) identify which IPTV systems and software companies are leading each of the six IPTV market segments: access systems, video headend systems (VHE), video-on-demand server software (VOD), set-top boxes (STB), middleware (MW), and content protection/digital rights management (CP/DRM). The data is further segmented by geographic region as follows: North America, Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East/Africa.

“IPTV is continuing its rapid growth worldwide but some of the more exciting opportunities are only just beginning in the Middle East/Africa and Latin America/Caribbean regions,” said Jose Alvear, Senior Research Analyst at MRG. “While the growth in the number of new IPTV service providers has been slowing down because telcos around the world have already deployed IPTV services for a number of years, there are still plenty of new opportunities available to vendors in emerging markets. In addition, vendors are now supplying multi-screen, content delivery and OTT services, as the global pay-TV industry continues to evolve into new screens and devices.”

MRG is the only company to track and rank IPTV vendors for each of the six product categories, and has been doing so for many years.

Key findings from this study include:

  • Globally, the leader in two of the six categories is Microsoft, the only company to lead in more than one category at this level.
  • In addition to being global leaders, Verimatrix leads in four of the six geographic regions, Alcatel-Lucent leads in four, and Harmonic leads in two.
  • By product segment, Huawei leads in three of the six categories in the Asia Pacific and is gaining traction in Middle East/Africa which is significant since most of the changes taking place in leadership for the IPTV market are happening in these regions.
  • Western and Eastern Europe are a complete mixed bag as different vendors are leading in each of the six categories.
  • In North America, Google-Motorola is the big winner leading in three categories.

The report features complete IPTV vendor rankings for each product category with totals for each region, as well as globally. In addition, vendors that are working with the top 25 global service providers (as measured by total IPTV subscribers) are highlighted in order to better gauge future growth prospects.

More than 60 vendors and 900 IPTV service providers are tracked in this report. Market leaders are determined by the number of deployed IPTV subscribers using a given vendor’s products, except for the IPTV video headend segment which is calculated on input channels. The deliverable is available for US$3,500 for individual or US$5,200 for enterprise and is comprised of a PDF and an accompanying Excel file.