Pixelworks Unleashes the Power of DNX™ Motion Engine™ Technology with the Announcement of the PW9800 for 100/120Hz Advanced Television Systems

Monday, January 7th, 2008 
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Innovative co-processer delivers better video performance and faster time to market

LAS VEGAS — Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:PXLW), an innovative provider of powerful video and pixel processing technology, today announced the PW9800 DNX™ Motion Engine™ IC, which uses proprietary algorithms to support high resolution 100/120Hz panels for advanced TVs. As a co-processor, the PW9800 chip works with any front-end IC solution to significantly improve the viewing experience of television systems. Pixelworks will demo the PW9800 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2008.

The PW9800 family of ICs, which include the PW9800-10G (WXGA support) and PW9800-30G (Full-HD support), use proprietary motion compensation / motion estimation and frame interpolation algorithms to remove judder and blur in 100/120Hz systems, delivering on the promise of advanced television technology with ultra smooth playback of film and video content. The chips provide enhanced color, sharpness and contrast for more brilliant, crisper and smoother moving video – resulting in an enhanced viewing experience, even with high-definition content.

For advanced television system manufacturers and OEMs, PW9800 ICs offer a low-cost, modular, and easy to integrate solution to support high resolution 100/120Hz panels. The chips allow for the highest level of video quality, tuned to meet any combination of front-end ICs and panels. Additionally, minimal software enables customers to reduce time to market.

“With first class de-judder and de-blur performance to enhance the viewing experience, our DNX Motion Engine technology establishes Pixelworks’ leadership in the video processing market and opens new opportunities for our customers to rapidly differentiate and increase the value of their products in the marketplace,” said Anthony Simon, Vice President Marketing and Sales of Pixelworks. “Our new PW9800 chip targets not only the advanced television and projector markets that require 100/120Hz panel support, but also PCs, Digital Signage and other consumer electronics devices that can benefit from improved video quality.”

The PW9800-10G and PW9800-30G are now available in sample quantities in a 356-pin EHDS-BGA (HF) package. The PW9800 is also among the first in a family of Pixelworks BGA-based products that meet international halogen-free and lead-free standards, as specified in Sony Green Partner Specifications SS-00259 and IEC 61249-2-21. To learn more about these products, contact the Pixelworks sales office in your region.