Kabel Deutschland adds 422,000 Premium TV RGUs in 2012

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
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Premium TV RGU net adds picked up with 107 thousand quarter on quarter; year on year Premium TV RGUs increased by 422 thousand or 27.3%

Kabel Deutschland Holding AG (‘Kabel Deutschland’, ‘KDH’ or ‘the Company’), Germany’s largest cable network operator, today released its consolidated financials for the third quarter and nine months of its fiscal year 2012/13 ending March 31, 2013.

In the Premium TV segment, RGU growth picked up in the third quarter. Kabel Deutschland added 107 thousand Premium TV RGUs quarter on quarter (prior quarter 81 thousand). Thereof, DVRs accounted for 61 thousand and Pay TV for 47 thousand RGUs (previous quarter: 47 thousand and 34 thousand, respectively).

As of December 31, 2012, the Company accounted for 1,970 thousand Premium TV RGUs, representing an annual growth of 422 thousand RGUs or 27.3%. The Company also sees continuously strong demand for its HD Private product with 1,068 thousand activated smartcards end of December 2012 (209 thousand incremental units quarter on quarter).

Mostly as a result of growing Premium TV penetration, the total blended TV ARPU per subscriber increased to €10.43 in the third quarter, up by €0.57 or 5.8% from €9.86 in the previous year’s third quarter.

Kabel Deutschland’s direct subscriber base shows a positive trend over the past four quarters. As of December 31, 2012, it stood at 7,566 thousand subscribers (plus 65 thousand net adds year on year). The number of total unique subscribers remained stable quarter on quarter despite the loss of 13 thousand indirect subscribers. As per December 31, 2012, total unique subscribers amounted to 8,501 thousand (September 30, 2012: 8,498 thousand).

Kabel Deutschland Holding AG Summary Table

                                                        December 31,
                                          --------------------------    CAGR
As of                               Unit   2009   2010  2011    2012   10-13
                                   -----  -----  -----  -----  -----  ------
 Direct Basic Cable subscribers    #'000  7,337  7,309  7,214  7,207   -0.6%
 Indirect Basic Cable subscribers  #'000  1,451  1,278  1,151    934  -13.6%

 Premium TV                        #'000  1,039  1,222  1,548  1,970   23.8%
  Thereof Pay TV                   #'000    860    962  1,082  1,267   13.8%
  Thereof DVR                      #'000    179    261    466    704   58.0%
 Basic Cable*                      #'000  9,052  8,936  8,810  8,659   -1.5%

* Basic Cable RGUs: The difference between the number of Basic Cable subscribers and Basic Cable RGUs is due to one additional digital product component, “›Kabel Digital’. It is sold directly to the end customer in addition to the analog Basic Cable service, which is provided and billed via a housing association. A customer subscribing to the Kabel Digital
product is counted as one Basic Cable subscriber (analog service via a housing association) and two Basic Cable RGUs (analog service via a housing association and digital service via a direct contract with the end customer).