ALi Corp cumulative STB chipset shipments for China cable exceed 10 million units

Monday, March 4th, 2013

ALi Shows Promising Success in China STB Chipset Market, Solutions to be Exhibited at CCBN 2013 Beijing

ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box (STB) solution provider, today announced that it will demonstrate its complete line of STB chipset solutions targeting the China MSO market at booth No. 1B 601 at the upcoming CCBN 2013 to be held on March 21-23 in Beijing.

Cumulative shipments of ALi’s standard definition STB chipsets have reached 10 million units in the China cable pay TV market, with coverage in 23 provinces and regions. High definition solutions are also available in mass production quantities in three provinces. Backed by the impressive track record and moving forward to the coming year, ALi continues to provide STB solutions aiming at the Chinese market. Among those are cable plus OTT hybrid solutions allowing MSO to provide diverse services; multi-screen interactive applications enabling interactive playback control among various display devices such as smart phones, TV, and STB; cost-efficient HD chipsets pushing faster migration to high definition digital TV.

Furthermore, engineering samples of smart STB chipsets as well as Android system solutions are being shipped to customers in 2013. ALi solutions compliant with Chinese domestic terrestrial broadcasting standard, DTMB, will also be available in mass production quantities in more provinces this year.

“ALi has been very dedicated to the Chinese digital TV broadcasting industry and has secured a position among the top three in terms of standard definition STB chipset shipments in China. Looking forward, we hope to be the number 1 provider in the China cable SD STB market and expand our coverage in the HD cable MSO market by establishing relationship with more than three provincial-level cable MSOs,” said Dr. Ben Lin, Chairman and CEO of ALi Corporation. “We will carry on the success to our high definition products with optimized performance and cost structure, in addition to other state-of-the-art solutions for digital TV broadcasting in China,” added Dr. Ben Lin.