ALi Corp integrates ACCESS NetFront DLNA with STB ICs

Thursday, March 14th, 2013 

ALi Corporation Selects ACCESS’ NetFront™ Living Connect DLNA Technology Component™ for its Set-top-box SoC Solutions

OBERHAUSEN, Germany — ACCESS CO., LTD, today announces that ALi Corporation has selected ACCESS’ award-winning DLNA solution NetFront™ Living Connect SDK to integrate with its system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions designed for set-top-boxes. The ACCESS-powered ALi SoCs will ship to set-top box manufacturers from Q2, 2013.

“By integrating our NetFront Living Connect DLNA Technology Component with ALi Corporation’s SoC solutions, we’re making it as easy as possible for set-top box manufacturers, operators and consumers to make the most of media sharing,” says Koichi Narasaki, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, ACCESS. “It’s the job of ALi to provide set-top box manufacturers with all core functionality on one chip. This announcement is conclusive evidence that DLNA media sharing is now a necessity for set-top-box manufacturers.”

NetFront Living Connect is the market-leading DLNA Technology Component™ solution for multi-screen media sharing on consumer electronics and home networks. It has been integrated with ALi’s digital Set-Top Box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions to provide the simplest path for device manufacturers looking to provide pay TV operators and retailers with set-tops that enable consumers to share and play TV and video content on the TV, smartphone, tablet and other DLNA compliant video device.

“Media sharing is now core functionality that all our set-top-box manufacturer customers need to offer,” says Tony Chang, General Manager of ALi’s International Business Unit. “We chose the ACCESS DLNA Technology Component because it is the most heavily field-tested solution and combines best-in-class functionality with an exciting product road map. I look forward to consumers with ALi SoC-powered set-tops enjoying the advanced use-cases such as multi-screens, smart home services and smartphone/tablet media sharing bridges that NetFront Living Connect uniquely enables.”

NetFront™ Living Connect is a market-leading Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Technology Component™ solution that enables device manufacturers to quickly and efficiently implement services that support DLNA standards on consumer electronic devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, printers, DVD players, game consoles, digital TVs, set-top boxes, network attached storage (NAS) boxes and more.

NetFront Living Connect has achieved an extensive track record of successful DLNA Certified® device deployments on a variety of consumer electronic devices offered by leading manufacturers in markets throughout the world. NetFront Living Connect is packed with features that ensure that ACCESS can provide SoC and device manufacturers, content providers and ultimately end-users with services that provide comprehensive support for all DLNA standards, including the very latest.