DS2 unveil complete portfolio of powerline communications solutions for home networking and service provider applications at CES 2008

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Demos showcase fully interoperable powerline products and new features that include TR069 for remote management of large networks, and support for Windows Vista to deliver the best home networking experience over any wire

Booth #20656, South Hall 2, Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas — DS2, the global leader in powerline communication chipsets today unveiled a complete portfolio of fully interoperable solutions for reliable, robust and durable home networks that include the new 100Mbps Montgo™ chipset for Internet sharing, audio and data networking, the market leading and award winning 200 Mbps Aitana™ chipset for IPTV, HD Video and audio applications for the service provider and consumer home networking markets, and DS2´s 400 Mbps technology for next generation advanced simultaneous multimedia applications for service provider and consumer home networking applications. Demos at the DS2 booth showcase full interoperability using a mix of readily available and new to market products from a range branded manufacturers including Corinex Communications, Comtrend, D-Link, Negear and others.

“The issue of interoperability of solutions from different manufacturers is an important concern, for both consumers and vendors. Products that cannot interoperate restrict consumer choice and hinder the development of the home network. Using DS2 technology manufacturers can develop products that provide each application the bandwidth that it needs, which means, for example, that video streaming, internet browsing and online gaming can all be done at the same time by different people within the home and new applications can integrate into the network that exists already without disrupting it, or if there isn’t one, can establish a new network that will be open to new systems joining it at a later date. It is only with full interoperability that consumers can be sure that the next powerline application they buy will work within the home network they have already established”, said Jorge Blasco, DS2 CEO.

DS2´s 200Mbps chipset delivers room-to-room HD streaming that allows consumers to instantly connect devices such as computers, HDTV´s and gaming consoles to each other over the existing home wiring. It is the market leading solution for consumer oriented HD powerline home networking products in the US and the solution of choice for self install mass market IPTV services in Europe where IPTV roll-out is very advanced. It has been selected by most service providers representing 380 million consumers including British Telecom, Telefónica, and Portugal Telecom. By simply plugging the DS2 based powerline networking devices into any electrical outlet around the home, the wires in the walls network the devices together to deliver high-definition media streaming, online gaming and next-generation digital home applications including networked security cameras, and audio and digital photo file sharing as well as service provider applications.

Visitors to the DS2 booth can catch a preview of next generation 400Mbps powerline technology as well as live demonstrations of the latest innovations and customer applications including native on chip TR-069 remote management support for IPTV applications that offers Service Providers using DS2 silicon the ability to use their existing network management infrastructure to control, configure, troubleshoot or perform a secure firmware upgrade to any device without the extra cost of an external processor; a better home networking experience with full support for the LLTD protocol in Windows Vista; a live demo of reliable and robust networking under challenging conditions and online gaming.

DS2 co-founder and Vice President of Business Development, Victor Dominguez, is a guest speaker at the Connections at CES Summit. Victor will explain the growing demand for DS2 based powerline communications technology for multi-media applications home networking applications for the retail and service provider markets during the panel session “Beyond Broadband: The Role of Value-Added Services in a High-Speed Context which will take place on Tuesday January 8th at 9.15am at the LVCC South Hall, S104-105.