ADB delivers interactivity solution to Poland's Vectra

Thursday, July 4th, 2013
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GENEVA, Switzerland — Advanced Digital Broadcast (SIX: ADBN), a leading supplier of advanced solutions for the connected home, announced that it has delivered its advanced systems solution to the Polish cable operator, Vectra.

All advanced two-way set-top boxes (such as: ADB-5810CDX and ADB-3830CD) that ADB has delivered to Vectra since 2009 feature DOCSIS 2.0, enabling them to be permanently on-line. As a result of this, Vectra can take full advantage of this sophisticated installed base to launch new interactive features and continue to roll-out new services in the coming months. The delivered package includes: STB Remote Monitoring, Advertisement Control System and User Messaging System.

“ADB has offered us very innovative solutions, tailored to our specific needs. This system allows us to enhance the quality of our customer support, improve precision of segmentation and communication with targeted groups of customers”.- said Tomasz Å»urański, Vectra CEO.

ADB’s User Messaging System includes e-messaging to enable specific information, recommendations, promotions or notifications to be sent directly to targeted customers. The Advertisement Control System gives Vectra the ability to easily manage the delivery of advertisements and communication campaigns to their subscribers. Operators can simply choose to deliver adverts through the channel banner, or on the set-top box HTML pages depending on their needs. And the latest part of this system – STB Remote Monitoring controls an entire installed base of set top boxes and gathers valuable information about their usage in the field.

“Our cooperation with ADB goes back to 2008 when ADB delivered the ADB-5800C STB. It was the first high-definition product in the Vectra network, one of the first in Poland. After this success story, it was natural that we once again choose ADB for this advanced software.” – added Å»urański.