SecureMedia Protects The Caribbean's First IPTV Deployment

Monday, January 14th, 2008
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Besides offering its residential and business customers on the island of Bonaire over 110 live quality channels, Telefonia Bonairiano NV new Digital TV service, “mitv”, also includes 50 Audio Channels, Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand, all secured by the Encryptonite ONE™ System

NATICK, MA USA and KRALENDIJK, BONAIRE, NETHERLAND — SecureMedia, the technology leader in content protection software for secure video and multimedia delivery over IP networks announced today that Bonairean telecom operator Telefonia Bonairiano NV (“Telbo”) has launched “mitv”, its new Digital TV over ADSL 2+ network protected by the Encryptonite ONE System. This innovative IPTV service was developed by Telbo N.V., Savant Communications N.V. and Manycast Consultancy Inc. and is considered to be the showcase model for the Telbo partner telecom companies, covering an additional 24 countries. Telbo, Savant Communications and Manycast Consultancy are currently developing a proposition towards the other operators in the Caribbean and even South/Central America wanting to offer Digital TV services by expansion of and full access to the Telbo multiple services platform on Bonaire, known as “MANYCAST; any service @ any device @ anytime”. Further rollouts in these territories are expected in early 2008.

Telbo’s “mitv” service, an integral part of its triple play (video, voice and data) offering and a first for the Caribbean region, consists of a Basic Package of around 40 channels including HBO, Discovery and FOX. As another first in the Dutch Caribbean, Telbo will offer the Dutch Public Channels (Nederland 1, 2 and 3), which will be inserted into the headend via optical submarine cables. Telbo also offers an Extended Basic Package and packages serving specific customer needs such as an International Package, Sports Package, Action Package including some for the region unique Adult content offered on PPV and VoD and 3 premium movie oriented packages.

” ‘mitv’ is a significant milestone for the region, our partners, Bonaire and of course Telefonia Bonairiano. We are proud of our employees and our partners at Savant Communications and Manycast Consultancy who established the service within a timeframe usually too tight for a project like this, said Edsel Winklaar, Managing Director of Telbo. “To launch an enhanced, totally transparent protected digital TV service that would provide our customers with the high quality entertainment that they demanded and accomplish this within an extraordinary time deadline, we could only select SecureMedia”, added Mr. Winklaar. “We required a proven and comprehensive security solution that ensured us the ability to obtain rich content from Hollywood and other major content providers and the Encryptonite ONE System is that solution.”

With expert system design and project management from Savant Communications NV and direction from content aggregation and strategy market leader, Manycast Consultancy Inc., the “mitv” service was implemented, integrated and launched in less than 9 months.

“The flexibility and openness of the Encryptonite ONE System easily integrated with the satellite head-end, middleware and content aggregation and allowed us rapid development of the “mitv”service,” said Majid El-Hoss, technical architect/overall project manager and partner of Savant Communications NV. “SecureMedia’s Encryptonite ONE System is not only unrivaled in terms of efficient, low cost operation, scalability and comprehensive security but their superior technical support solidifies SecureMedia as our choice for digital media protection.”

“We are delighted to partner with SecureMedia, the global authority on digital media cryptography, to acquire and securely implement a rich portfolio of premium studio and network IPTV content for the residents and businesses of Bonaire,” stated Jorris Uding, Managing Director of Manycast Consultancy Inc. “We are also very excited about our upcoming IPTV and Video-on-Demand projects with SecureMedia in 2008 and continuing our momentum as the market leader for content aggregation and strategies in the Caribbean and South/Central America.”

The Encryptonite ONE System is today’s proven multi-format and multi-platform CA/DRM software solution that provides the highest levels of digital content security while offering operational efficiencies and extended value. Approved by all the major film studios and TV broadcasters, the Encryptonite ONE System allows telcos and broadband operators to acquire distribution rights to the most compelling broadcast channels and VOD programming. Its unique system design features an ultra-light, processor-efficient client that can be deployed on virtually any consumer media appliance, essentially “Enabling Entertainment Everywhere!™”, by allowing ubiquitous secure content distribution on current and future set-top boxes, PCs, portable players and mobile phones. Employing a patented, common encryption scheme for both broadcast and VOD content and through its exclusive EverLock™ process, the Encryptonite ONE System is the only solution available today that enables persistent and efficient protection of content at all times in distribution and storage including in DVR and nDVR applications. Newest innovations include exclusive platform extensions that allow for selectable digital forensics to track, identify and deter piracy of valued content (IdentiFind™), rapid middleware integration to speed time-to-market (CodeConnect™), and configurable security parameters for diverse quality content (TrustAdjust™).

“We are very excited to not only secure the Caribbean’s first IPTV deployment on Bonaire – “mitv Digital TV service”, but to accomplish this feat in record time, a testament to the flexibility and versatility of our Encryptonite ONE System securing such an innovative multiple services platform,” said Fred Ellis, COO of SecureMedia. “We applaud Telefonia Bonairiano and our partners at Savant Communications and Manycast Consultancy for their knowledge, efficient design and operation of this enhanced, totally protected digital TV service and we look forward to working with them on new deployments throughout the region.” added Ellis.