Humax unveils the world's first HTML5 based smart set-top box

Thursday, July 18th, 2013
Humax logo

  • Humax releases the open platform HTML5 based smart set-top box, the first of its kind in the world
  • Humax starts shipping its set-top box to T-broad, the largest Korean cable TV operator

Humax (CEO Dae Gyu Byun) announced on July 18 that it will supply T-broad (CEO Sang-Yoon Lee) with the smart set-top boxes based on the next generation web standard HTML5.

It is the first commercialized HTML5 based product in the world which supports Smart Plus, the next generation pay-tv service T-broad launched last month. When the set-top box is connected to a TV, the TV performs like a smart TV – providing interactive services like internet surfing, applications, and VOD (video on demand).

Both companies launched the first commercial smart TV service in the world that is based on the open platform HTML5. This frees themselves of control from specific platforms like Google TV and Android. The open platform also enables users to use apps on whatever operating systems (OS) or devices they have. For developers, it shortens the developing process and cuts the developing cost. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the basic language used on the Internet, and can be used to freely implement various apps or videos.

Besides T-broad, many other pay-tv operators are preparing the TV service based on the open platform HTML5 one after another. However, Humax can now focus on building the platform’s ecosystem as it releases the first product supporting the platform.

T-broad’s Smart Plus is the HTML5 based platform developed by Korea Digital Cable Media Center (KDMC) and Alticast. It provides services like Internet surfing via a TV, personalization service with login system, and a total searching service that lets users find anything they want at once from broadcast programs and VOD lists. Users may also use their smartphone or tablet PC as a TV remote control by connecting the set-top box and the smart devices.

Humax’s CEO Dae Gyu Byun said, “As cable and satellite providers are providing smart TV service that allows interactive watching one after another, smart set-top boxes are becoming more standard. With the experience, Humax has earned in the last 2-3 years by releasing smart set-top boxes in full-fledging broadcasting markets such as British and German, we will try to popularize the smart box in Korea as well.”

Meanwhile, T-broad is the largest Multiple System Operator (MSO) in Korea who owns 21 system operators in 21 regions out of the nation’s 77 regions, services HD digital broadcasting, 1Gb Internet, VoIP (Internet phone) and low-cost phone services. (End)

※ HTML5: Latest standard of web programing language HTML. It is highly compatible with various systems without binding to a specific platform, and can implement diverse functions containing video, music, and graphics without installing additional programs like ActiveX.
※ DOCSIS: It is the cable modem’s international standard defined by CableLabs, USA. DOCSIS 3.0 supports high-speed Internet through Channel Bonding technology to improve transfer speed.