beActive launches beActive TV APP for Samsung devices

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Video-on-demand APP is available simultaneously on all types of connected devices: TV, tablets and smartphones

DUBLIN, Ireland — beActive launches today at the IFA – Consumer Electronics Event in Berlin — its multi-platform beActive TV APP. It’s a 3-device player (Connected TV, Tablet and Smartphones) that allows free access to hundreds of episodes of beActive’s TV and Web series. The beActive TV will be presented today by SAMSUNG at Europe’s biggest consumer electronic event.

The app allows users to access – on demand – the audio-visual content produced by beActive in recent years. The App is powered by the network of channels that beActive released in the spring of 2012 with the same name, counting over 6 million views globally.

beActive’s TV network on YouTube has received great responses from users in the UK, the U.S., Russia, Eastern Europe and Brazil. Over 30% of these viewers consume beActive’s content on mobile devices. The launch of the beActive TV app is expected to have an impact on the growth of that community. Given the paradigm shift in the way viewers consume TV, moving from a linear experience to an on-demand experience, the app is the company response to new entertainment consuming habits: content available anywhere, everywhere on any device.

The app allows consumers to view content, subscribe to series (and get a notification when new episodes are available), share favourite episodes with friends and family through social networks and have access to additional content that complement the series, such as eBooks, Comics and Games or movies related to the audiovisual content. The Connected TV version of the APP allows the company to distribute their content directly to the viewers’ living room.

The list of available content in the app includes the latest successful beActive’s projects such as: Collider, Beat Girl, Final Punishment (series nominated for an Emmy), Kids TV Series as Aisling’s Diary (Kidscreen award winning series), Girl Heart Boy (co-produced with Penguin Books) and documentaries Road to Revolution, 350 South, The Club and Yes I Can, as well business content produced in association with Ernst & Young.