iWedia to unveil full range of SAT>IP products at IBC 2013

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
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iWedia has developed a SAT>IP compliant end-to-end (client/server) solution

  • Both the server and the client software are available as stand alone software components
  • The server is also available integrated in a turn key software solution for broadcast gateways
  • And the client in a turn key software solution for IP thin STB; in that use case, SAT>IP elegantly complements a device primarily used for media playback and OTT services with live TV reception capabilities
  • Content protection can be managed either at the server or at the client side, making SAT>IP the ideal solution for premium HD content distribution within the home

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — iWedia today announced that it has endorsed the SAT>IP initiative and has released a full range of products compliant with this protocol. iWedia has developed an end-to-end solution comprising both a server and a client software.

Available as a stand alone software component, the server software is meant to be integrated in a broadcast gateway managing a collection of DVB tuners and redistributing live DVB contents over IP to client devices. It has also been integrated in the Broadcast Gateway Edition of the Teatro-3.0 software solution.

The client software is targeted at IP devices to which it adds the capability to receive live DVB contents redistributed over IP by a gateway. It is available stand alone as well as integrated in the Android IP STB Edition of the Teatro-3.5 software solution, enhancing a device primarily oriented at OTT services with live TV reception capabilities.

Several scenarios are possible with respect to content protection. Either the server operates a Conditional Access (CA) to DTCP-IP conversion, and the client supports DTCP-IP. Or the server distributes the contents still CA-encrypted, and the CA termination is managed in the client (embedded CA or CI Plus).

“There are more and more IP devices in a household today, a lot of them connected to a TV screen like e.g., an OTT box or a media player,” said Hans-Jürgen Désor, CEO of iWedia.

“The trend is to add broadcast TV reception capabilities to these devices, including for the access to premium HD contents, and we believe SAT>IP is the ideal solution to achieve this,” he added.

At IBC2013, RT-RK (hall 5, stand B01), and SmarDTV (hall 1, stand C81) will demonstrate SAT>IP server and client devices powered by iWedia software.

For further information on iWedia’s SAT>IP software products and integration capabilities, visit us at IBC2013 (hall 5, stand B01).