AX Technology STBs to support GT-SAT channel-stacking protocol

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014
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AX Technology´s Opticum Receivers are going to support GT-SAT´s dLNB and dHello Technology

COLOGNE — GT-SAT, recently demonstrating its brand new dLNB, and AX Technology announced on the occasion of ANGA COM the implementation of the dHello protocol in AX Technology´s Opticum range of receivers. Both will work together to integrate the dHello protocol, GT-SAT´s new standard, designed to enter the era of digital LNBs.

Ryszard Grab, Authorised Representative AX Technology, comments: “GT-SAT is well positioned in the LNB space and well-known for innovative products such as SCR LNBs. dLNB will spread broadcasting possibilities in an unforeseen way and for sure Opticum is going to take part in this progress.”

The dLNB will make broadcasting more efficient, with its shifting of analogue switching technology onto a chip and its support of up to 24 User Bands, which is a dramatic cost-cutter compared to the current installation mode. Furthermore the dHello protocol paves the way for a fully automatic installation without any need of installer’s interaction.

“Getting a new idea into the marketplace can be a challenging task for a medium-sized business”, says Guil Mediouni, President GT-SAT. “Thence we are pleased about AX Technology, being a first-mover to support dHello, to enable its Opticum receivers to partake in the opportunities and innovation of the world´s first digital LNB.”