Massive Interactive rolls out Deutsche Telekom’s Videoload on Panasonic Smart TVs

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
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Massivision™ Multi-screen Development Kit enables Panasonic Smart TV roll out of Deutsche Telekom’s Videoload VOD service in under three months

LONDON — Massive Interactive Inc. (OTCQB: HUGE), a leader in platform software and design for multiscreen TV Everywhere entertainment, today announced that it has rolled out the Deutsche Telekom Videoload service across Panasonic 2014 Smart TVs. Using the Massivision™ Multi-screen Development Kit (MDK), Massive was able to deliver this application in under three months from start to finish.

Following on from the successful launch of Videoload on LG Smart TVs, Massive continued working with Deutsche Telekom to deliver the next phase of its device roadmap. The latest version of the app has the full functionality of the Videoload VOD, as well as the Erotic Lounge, built with parental controls.

Gert von Manteuffel, Vice President Product Management TV & Video Deutsche Telekom, said: “The working relationship between ourselves, Massive Interactive and Panasonic has been virtually faultless and this, along with Massive’s technical expertise, has been key in enabling us to deliver Videoload for Panasonic Smart TVs in such a short period of time.”

Massive Interactive has built the new application for Panasonic Smart TVs to work with both Smooth Stream and WMV content, as well as incorporating Play Ready encryption. An adherence to this standard will allow more devices to be rolled out, as Deutsche Telekom delivers its Roadmap for Videoload.

“Yet again this has demonstrated both the flexibility and technical excellence of our Massivision™ MDK. Delivering the Videoload app for all Panasonic Smart TVs to the standard that we have, is not only a credit to our team, but also our technology. We look forward to more successful roll outs for Deutsche Telecom in the future,” commented Kieran Bresnan, MD EMEA Massive Interactive Inc.