Bid Studios provides industrial design for General Satellite set-top boxes

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 
General Satellite logo

British design and new technical features of the General Satellite set-top boxes

A new line of set-top boxes GS B210, GS E501 and GS C591 recently introduced by the GS Group holding under the General Satellite brand was developed thanks to synergy of the best international practices in the fields of industrial design and upgraded manufacturing facilities. The new range of products was designed by London based design consultancy BID Studios to have a more contemporary and attractive appeal to customers. The brand new model line was launched in Russian Technopolis GS innovative cluster fit up with the new machinery.

LLC Prancor, a part of the GS Group holding, manufacturer of casings for digital set-top boxes under the General Satellite brand, constantly pays attention to the product usability and application characteristics improvement. The company acquired four new Year-Chance injection molding machines to release new models GS B210, GS E501, and GS C591. The new equipment allows the manufacture of more robust device casings that are lighter and smoother, and more protected from scratches and other external damage. Specialized microprocessors control all the processes: they regulate the pressure and speed of plastic injection that is used in the production of set-top box casings; material composing mode; speed of opening and closing the mold for casing parts casting; the rate of product output and other indicators.

Three new injection molding machines have a clamping force of 350 tons, one machine – of 450 tons. This is the maximum power the mold can be kept in the closed position, which improves the quality of the end product: plastic better fills out a mold so that casing parts more precisely match the predesigned form. Casings now are not made up of different components and constitute a single element. It significantly simplifies their designing. The subsequent product coloration is not required as it is already cast in the desired color. Particular attention is paid to the smoothness and quality of the set-top box casing surface – it is polished to a mirror finish. Afterwards the casing is coated with a special protective film to avoid scratches and damage of the external glossy surfaces.

Preforming the bottom of the set-top box in plastic instead of metal, as used in former models, is one of the factors helping to reduce the cost of set-top box GS B210 for the customer. GS B210 is a model for a trade-in program, which enables pay-TV subscribers to watch HD TV channels at an affordable price.

The casing and front panel are also preformed in plastic in the models GS E501 and GS С591.

A set of two digital HD set-top boxes, GS E501 and GS С591, gives viewers access to different content on two TVs at the same time, using only one smart card. The main device GS E501 provides TV relaying in DVB-S and DVB-S2 formats in the full range of 950 — 2150 MHz and has two DVB-S2 tuners. The additional STB GS C591 transfers the signal by Ethernet, thus the user does not need to run a cable.

Besides the technical features, such as high operation speed and therefore fast channel switching, customers will definitely appreciate the new designs. The new range of products has been created based on contemporary design trends with a more clean & minimal look. The new designs come with large, easy to read displays and simple to use interfaces. The range has a high quality and sophisticated look across all models expressing the innovative vision of the General Satellite brand