Green Hills deploys APMAX IPTV middleware

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
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Missouri Telecom Completes Successful Rollout of APMAX IPTV Middleware

  • Green Hills used software feature to make for smooth cut overs

BRECKENRIDGE, MO — A methodical exchange by exchange conversion over a 5 month period was the key to a successful conversion for Green Hills Companies to the APMAX IPTV Middleware solution, according to Green Hills Controller, Renee Reeter. Green Hills was very proactive in keeping their customers informed in advance of their cut over date and Reeter feels that also led to a smooth conversion. Green Hills also took advantage of the Automated Conversion feature in the software which allowed them to have both Middlewares running on the APMAX allowing them to easily select subscribers that they wished to convert.

Six Figure Savings

The additional compatibility of certain Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) set top boxes with APMAX Middleware allowed Green Hills to keep a large % of boxes in service from multiple vendors which helped them realize a six figure savings in equipment costs.

Weather App Scores Big Again!

Once again subscribers are very pleased with the addition of the Weather App with the new middleware solution. Reeter says they have received numerous compliments from their customers on how much they appreciate the easy access to localized weather info and radar with the push of a button on their TV remote.