NEOTION unveils DVB+OTT HDMI security dongle for pay TV

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 

NEOTION DVB-Hybrid HDMI Dongle, new Secure Device for Pay-TV Operators

  • A highly secure, DVB and optimised form factor HDMI device to protect Pay-TV broadcast and IP broadband content delivery

AUBAGNE — NEOTION, a technology leader specialising in innovation and production of Secure Devices for the Digital Pay-TV market, today unveils a new form factor Secure Device specifically designed for Pay-TV Operators to protect converged content from the broadcasting traditional linear TV and Over-The-Top (OTT) sources.

NEOTION HDMI dongleNEOTION delivers a single, wireless and user-friendly DVB HDMI device, a secure solution supporting Pay-TV and CAS technologies to protect DVB broadcasting linear content and the Microsoft PlayReady solution for premium live-streamed IP content.

The NEOTION Hybrid HDMI Dongle will enable Pay-TV Operators to enhance their revenue-generating offers by adding IP-based on-demand services to their traditional linear live TV content, a way to keep TV viewers engaged and above all, to fully control the main TV screen.

The NEOTION Hybrid HDMI Dongle embeds a powerful system-on-chip (SoC) to cope with the high security requirements of CAS vendors. It also ensures a high quality video (H264 1080P60/4KP30 up conversion – HEVC 1080P60 soon) meeting content owners contractual obligations while delivering a real enhanced TV user experience. Its SoC performances (processing, flash memories and 3D graphic GPU capabilities…) allows the NEOTION Hybrid HDMI Dongle to be Linux, Android or RDK compliant: the Operators can then build graphical environments and user interface when the family household landscape is largely moving to multiscreen video consumption.

Key elements are enabled to allow customers a smooth transition to a thin IP-Client within a very compact size – 73 (L) x 40 (l) x 8(D) mm – also with Wi-Fi n 2×2 and Bluetooth Low Energy to be connected wirelessly to any IP gateway or router. The first of NEOTION’s Hybrid HDMI Dongle product range will embed DVB-T2 technology – to match with the on-going DVB-T2 transition in many regions – and Irdeto Media Content Protection solution.

“Our goal is to enable our customers – Pay-TV Operators – to develop new services merging their linear content and on-demand services without compromising on security or quality! The NEOTION DVB-Hybrid HDMI Dongle combines an innovative form factor and technical performances in a single device, and remains an operator-supplied client hardware device – first to create differentiation and then to keep control on QoS & Security, which is a real puzzle for our customers. We trust that this new Secure Device will help them to compete more effectively in the moving Pay-TV landscape”. Stéphanie BIZOUERNE, Pay-TV & Secure Devices Business Unit Director, NEOTION.

Please, feel free to visit NEOTION booth at IBC #4.53 for a demonstration.